DeWine's Plan For Police Reform

Jun 18, 2020

In this week's episode of Snollygoster, Ohio's politics podcast from WOSU, hosts Mike Thompson and Steve Brown discuss Gov. Mike DeWine's plan to change policing in Ohio. Plus, a look at the turnover inside the state health department.

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In this week's episode:

Policing Police Policy

This week, DeWine laid out his multi-point plan to improve policing, to keep people and officers safe, and decrease the strife between officers and people of color.

DeWine wants to ban chokeholds in most situations, mandate that independent investigators examine use-of-force incidents, and have those incidents tracked by the state. He would require police recruits to pass a psychological test before they go to the training academy, and he wants police officers to be licensed in a similar way to how teachers, barbers and makeup artists are licensed.

House Minority Leader Emilia Sykes (D-Akron) criticized the plan, saying that it doesn't recognize racism as the root problem of policing.

The Health Department Shuffle

Ohio is looking for a new person to lead the fight against COVID-19. Dr. Amy Acton suddenly quit as director of the Ohio Department of Health last week. Her resignation came without warning and with little explanation: Acton hinted that she was burned out and could not effectively do all the jobs required of her.

There is speculation that the pressure from conservatives upset over the business closures forced her out, but she says she ignored the animosity and focused on the task at hand.

Snollygoster Of The Week: John Bolton

John Bolton, former national security advisor, is coming clean on what he thinks about Donald Trump in a new book. The White House is trying to stop its publication, saying he’s sharing classified information.

So what do John Bolton and his publisher do? They leak it to every news major news organization. Bolton says Congress should have impeached the president on many other things besides the Ukraine matter. Of course, that information would have been useful when Congress asked him to testify, which he didn't do.

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