DeWine's First State Of The State Will Touch On Early Childhood, Public Health Issues

Mar 4, 2019

Gov. Mike DeWine's first joint address to the Ohio House and Senate will happen Tuesday at noon in the Statehouse, which is a change from the last seven years, when former Gov. John Kasich took the speech to different cities.

It may be Mike DeWine’s first State of the State speech, but he says there won’t be any shocking reveals in it.

“I’ve outlined what we think is what should be the agenda of this administration," DeWine said.

He said he’ll talk about early childhood development and education, lead paint problems, public health issues and the drug problem. Those are themes that will carry over into his next big presentation.

“By the time our budget comes out a few days later, I don’t think you’ll find a lot of big surprises in there – there may be a few surprises," DeWine said.

One thing that DeWine didn’t mention but might bring up is the 18-cent gas tax increase he’s put before state lawmakers to patch a billion dollar hole in the transportation budget, which has to be signed by the end of the month.