Democratic AG Candidate Rolls Out Anti-Corruption Plan

Mar 29, 2018
Originally published on March 30, 2018 12:04 am

The Democratic candidate for attorney general is rolling out a new slate of policy proposals to crackdown on what he sees as corruption in state government. The plan includes an easy way for everyday Ohioans to be government watchdogs.

Democratic former federal attorney Steve Dettelbach, who’s running for attorney general, says the Statehouse is operating on a broken system where groups with strong lobbying power get special treatment.

“People are now at the point where the culture in Columbus is they think not getting caught is the same thing as being innocent,” said Dettelbach.

Dettelbach proposes a crackdown which includes stiffer penalties for taking bribes and tougher sanctions for conflicts of interest. He adds that he wants to make data collected by the Ohio Ethics Commission easily accessible to the public through an easy to use web tool.

Republican Auditor Dave Yost is also running for AG. His campaign manager says Dettelbach is lobbing baseless allegations with no proof just to score political points.

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