Dayton Reaches Agreement With KKK Group Over Upcoming Rally

May 14, 2019

The city of Dayton has reached an agreement with an Indiana-based Ku Klux Klan-affiliated group set to rally in Courthouse Square later this month.

The deal settles a lawsuit the city brought against the Honorable Sacred Knights over the rally and lays out the rules for the white supremacist group’s gathering.

The terms of the consent decree filed in Montgomery County civil court stipulate that Honorable Sacred Knights members will be permitted to wear masks to the rally. People with valid permits will also be allowed to bring sidearms, but not long guns or assault rifles.

At a press conference Monday, City Attorney Barbara Dosek told reporters only identified Honorable Sacred Knights members will be allowed to participate in the group’s demonstration.

“I'm grateful that we could get some of these terms agreed to so that safety is a priority and continues to be the focus of protecting the community and its residents," Dosek says. "And so I'm thankful that we were able to get things in there along the lines of prohibitions from bringing the rifles long guns, etc."

She says police will shut down the rally if other individuals or groups attempt to join the gathering or incite violence.

Court documents show the group has agreed its members will not wear paramilitary-style clothing, such as bulletproof vests. They told city officials they do not plan to wear hoods, but rather sunglasses and bandanas.

The group has also agreed to be held financially liable for any damages incurred during the rally.