Coronavirus In Ohio: School Districts Waiting For Details On Funding And Reopening

Jun 23, 2020

Most K-12 schools say they plan to restart in-person learning in two months, but much still remains in the air. A coalition of school administrators and teachers say they're waiting on a slew of decisions from Gov. Mike DeWine and the Ohio Department of Education ranging from funding to operations.

The Ohio 8 Coalition, a group of the state's eight largest city school districts, say DeWine needs to decide how $330 million in federal coronavirus recovery funds for schools will be distributed.

Akron Public Schools superintendent David James says the Ohio 8 want more funds to strengthen broadband, and to announce health orders for school buildings, such as possible classroom ratios, soon.

"There is a long time in terms of what can happen over the summer. There is a short time in terms of planning for how we start school," James say.

The school leaders say health guidelines and funding go hand-in-hand, such as the cost of requiring face masks and taking temperatures. Kevin Dalton, president of the Toledo Federation of Teachers, says there is an urgency to set plans for the upcoming school year.

"I definitely think there's a sense of urgency," Dalton says. "The sooner that we can hear from the state, the sooner that we can make definitive plans and decisions on what the next school year is going to look like and how the resources and services can be provided."