Columbus Protestors Show Solidarity With States Still Counting Votes

Nov 5, 2020

More than 100 people took to the streets of downtown Columbus Wednesday night to stand in solidarity with states that are still counting ballots. 

Donald Trump won Ohio on election night, and during an address he called for votes to stop being counted in other states around the country.

Protestors in Columbus on Wednesday were not contesting the state’s election results – instead, they were contesting Trump’s remarks. 

"Count the votes, all the votes," they chanted. 

Protestor Debera Diggs from Columbus’ South Side was one of many carrying a sign that said “Count Every Vote.”

"I think it’s important for everyone to come out and be supportive of every vote being counted," Diggs says. "I think everyone needs to understand that their vote is their voice."

The protestors were also advocating for free and fair elections and a peaceful transition of power, as well as issues like immigration, health care and criminal justice.

Diggs and other protestors said they were celebrating victories for criminal justice reform in Columbus, including a the approval of the Columbus Police Civilian Review Board and a Democratic Franklin County prosecutor

While there was heavy police presence, there were no clashes between them and protestors who took to the streets. Protestors disbanded about two-and-a half hours after they began the rally, and have plans to reconvene on Saturday.