Columbus Jazz Orchestra to Help Christen Lincoln Theatre

May 21, 2009

The sound of jazz will echo within the walls of the Lincoln Theatre for the first time in some fifty years when Byron Stripling and the Columbus Jazz Allstars perform there Thursday June 4th. Byron Stripling and his all-star quartet, featuring keyboard sensation Bobby Floyd, bassist Chris Berg and drummer Bob Breithaupt, will give Columbus jazz lovers a chance to enjoy the intimate setting and beautiful architecture from the heyday of jazz. CJO Drummer Bob Breithaupt, who is also Executive Director of the Jazz Arts Group, Carol Argiro, Director of Operations and Community Programs - Jazz Academy, took me on a walking tour of the Lincoln and gave me some insight into the plans beyond what takes place in the auditorium. Bob Breithaupt tells how it all started. /audio/classical/2009/lincoln-theatre_how-it-began.mp3 How did the Lincoln Theatre look the first time they saw it? /audio/classical/2009/lincoln-theatre_auditorium-condition.mp3 BobBreithaupt and Carol Argiro take me into the auditorium for the first time. /audio/classical/2009/lincoln-theatre_entering-auditorium.mp3 First View of the New Curtain: While we're talking, the new curtain makes its debut. /audio/classical/2009/lincoln-theatre_first-view-of-the-curtain.mp3 The Lincoln Theatre Project is about more than just performance. /audio/classical/2009/lincoln-theatre_community-outreach.mp3 How does Jazz Arts Group reach out to Central Ohio? /audio/classical/2009/lincoln-theatre_jag-outreach-components.mp3 Some of the events scheduled for this summer. /audio/classical/2009/lincoln-theatre_jag-summer-schedule.mp3