Columbus Flutist Releases New Recording "ETEREO"

Jan 15, 2020

Columbus flutist Lindsey Goodman’s most recent solo recording ETEREO (Navona Records) is interesting in any number of ways. But Goodman says her favorite thing about the disc is that she recorded it in Weigel Hall Auditorium, right here in Columbus.

And unlike Goodman’s earlier recordings, which contained works Goodman commissioned, this recording boasts flute works selected from nearly 80 scores submitted in response to a worldwide call for scores.

The works on ETEREO range from the bold and fiery solo flute work Bluez by jazz musician and composer Josh Oxford, to Alla Elana Cohen’s Watercolors of the Master Who Is Accustomed to Paint With Oils and Peter Castine’s Three Duos for Alto Flute and Cello, on which Goodman collaborates with the Chrysalis Duo and the Leviathan Trio.

On a recent visit to the Classical 101 studio, Goodman talked about her process for choosing the works she included on ETERO.

“Each piece sort of had its own journey ending up on the disc,” Goodman said on a recent visit to the Classical 101 studios. “Some were pieces that I had already known or composers I had already known, and then other works were just showstoppers right out of the gate that I fell in love with, and others wormed their way into my heart slowly.”

Hear more – including performances of Bruce Babcock’s Soliloquy and Josh Oxford’s Bluez for solo flute – in this video of Lindsey Goodman at Classical 101.