Columbus Abortion Center Closure Leaves Ohio With Eight Clinics

Jul 8, 2020

One of three abortion clinics in Columbus will soon close its doors after nearly 50 years of operation, leaving Ohio with eight clinics across the state.

Founder’s Women’s Health Center on East Broad Street in Olde Towne East will close on Thursday after 47 years of service. Gabriel Mann, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio’s communications manager, says the closure is due to retirement and is not related to “any state actions, legislative or administrative.”

The clinic declined to issue a comment to the media.

The Greater Columbus Right to Life executive director wrote a letter to supporters announcing the closure and claiming it as a result of the group’s efforts.

"This did not happen by accident or good fortune; it happened because we are doing good work in Ohio," the group wrote.

In the last decade, Ohio's Republican-led legislature has passed more than a dozen abortion regulations, according to an Ohio State study. During that time, the number of abortion providers in Ohio dropped from 15 to nine.