Coalition Promotes Economic Benefits Of Hunting

Aug 20, 2018

Wildlife, conservation, and outdoor sporting groups are uniting to promote the importance of hunting on Ohio’s economy. The coalition wants to raise awareness about aspects of hunting that seem to fly under the radar.

The new group, Hunting Works For Ohio, says hunters pour millions of dollars into the state’s economy, buying equipment, lodging, transportation, and much more.

The group’s co-chair Tom Vorisek, a former Ohio Wildlife Council member, says much of the fees associated with hunting wind up going towards conservation efforts and regulations.

“We are about wild places and wild things. And we do tremendous conservation work. What I think has been in remiss and what I think this effort is looking to address is that we are an economic engine, we provide people with jobs and prosperity that cannot be replaced,” says Vorisek.

Hunting Works For Ohio wants to create an outreach to also encourage younger children to spend more time outside.

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