City Council To Allow Microtransit Vehicles In Columbus

Dec 11, 2017

Columbus City Council plans to enact a new code on Monday that will allow microtransit vehicles - bigger than cars, but smaller than buses or trains - to operate in the city.

Beginning this year, slower-speed vehicles became legal to drive on all Ohio roadways. 

On May 1, the city launched a pilot program to license drivers and vehicles for the new micro transit service Hopper Carts. The carts are small electric vehicles that can shuttle six people at a time, aimed at serving downtown Columbus and the Short North.

Hopper Carts co-founder Tomos Mughan says the company worked with the city to develop the new code, which will allow them to become a permanent fixture in the city.

“Some of the projects I can’t say yet because they’re kind of not far enough along, but we really think we can start to tackle the downtown parking problem,” Mughan said. “Especially for offices.”

Hopper Cart expects to announce new projects in a couple of months.