Charges Filed Against Domestic Violence Suspect Whose Passenger Died In Crash

Jan 17, 2020

Franklin County prosecutors are pursuing vehicular homicide charges against a man who allegedly crashed a car during a police pursuit while under the influence, killing a passenger.

Gahanna Police say the passenger, Shannon Currier, had accused the driver, Christopher McCleese, of domestic violence just days earlier.

At the time of the accident, Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien says authorities had already issued a felony assault warrant.

McCleese was fleeing police when he lost control of the vehicle and plowed into a tree. Currier, who was in the car with him, died. McCleese attempted to flee the scene was but was apprehended later by officers.

The indictment alleges at the time of the crash, McCleese had methamphetamine in his system. McCleese will face a total of seven charges when he’s arraigned next Wednesday.