Central Ohio Domestic Violence Shelters Reaching Capacity During Summer Months

Jul 19, 2019

Summer is here and for some domestic violence shelters in Central Ohio, that means an increase in people seeking services. 

The CHOICES domestic violence shelter just opened a new facility in January, growing from 50 beds to 120. Now the shelter is completely full with a waitlist of more than 40 households says director Sue Villilo. Those on the waitlist are not in crisis, she notes.

"It's pretty typical for us to see an increase in the number of people seeking shelter over the summer," Villilo says, "but this is certainly the most we’ve ever seen."

She says other domestic violence shelters and service providers in the area are reporting similar increases.

It's unclear why there's an uptick during the summer months — possibly the hot weather creating short tempers or children being out of school. However Villilo says the shelter is considering another expansion to meet demand.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, call 614-224-4663.