Catch Me If You Can: The History of Epidemics

May 12, 2014

11:00 Bubonic plague wiped out nearly half of Europe, but our own continent is no stranger to epidemics. Smallpox decimated the native population; yellow fever, cholera and Spanish flu took out millions more. Now, with the resurgence of polio, ebola, mumps and measles, we'll look at how diseases affect culture and if modern medicine can stop them. Guests

  • John Aberth, historian and author of "Plagues in World History"
  • Dr. Amber Vasquez, Clinical Instructor, OSU Department of Infectious Diseases
  • Steve Guyer, Shadowbox Live Executive Producer and Lead Composer for The Masque

Event Thursday, May 15 at 8 pm, Shadowbox Live presents The Masque