Bipartisan Group Wants Congressional Redistricting On 2018 Ohio Ballot

Sep 26, 2017

Republican state legislative leaders say they’re putting together a bipartisan group to come up with a new way to draw Congressional districts.

This comes as Common Cause Ohio, frustrated with inaction on the issue, is planning its own proposal to present to voters. 

Sen. Matt Huffman of Lima says the plan will be modeled after the one created by lawmakers and approved by voters in 2015, which overhauled the way state lawmakers’ districts are drawn.

That issue was endorsed by a group now circulating petitions to put its own Congressional redistricting plan on next year’s ballot. Huffman says the one lawmakers will present won’t be perfect, but will be constructed with a careful process.

“Keep in mind that the last two efforts that were put on the ballot, really, by an outside group who said, ‘We’re just going to do what we think is right’ have failed pretty miserably," Huffman says.

The group Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio has said its members support legislative efforts to change the map-drawing process, but that they’ll take it to the ballot themselves if necessary.