Bills To Loosen Ohio Gun Laws Face Uncertain Future | WOSU Radio

Bills To Loosen Ohio Gun Laws Face Uncertain Future

Feb 21, 2018

There are 22 pieces of legislation related to guns pending in the Ohio Legislature right now. It’s hard to predict what might happen to them after the deadly Florida school shooting last week and Gov. John Kasich’s new apparent willingness to embrace some gun regulations.

Republican Senate president Larry Obhof isn’t saying what will happen with gun legislation now in the days following the deaths of 17 people at a high school in Florida. But he says lawmakers are considering ways to beef up security in Ohio’s schools.

“We’ve talked about additional funding, potentially for more school safety measures like what we saw with the previous grant program. We’ve had pretty preliminary conversations at this point,” Obhof said.

Pending bills include those to eliminate the need for a conceal carry license for anyone who can legally buy a gun and measures that would allow conceal-carry weapons permit holders to carry at the Statehouse, in courthouses and government buildings.

But there are also bills to ban so-called bump stocks and imitation guns, and to beef up background checks.