Big Ten Presidents Voted 11-3 To Cancel Fall Football Season

Sep 1, 2020

A new court filing shows that Big Ten Conference presidents voted 11-3 to postpone the football season until spring, and Ohio State's president was reportedly among those casting a "no" vote.

The filing did not identify how each school specifically voted, but a person familiar with the outcome told The Associated Press that Ohio State, Iowa, and Nebraska voted against postponing the fall football season.

The court filing is the Big Ten's response to a lawsuit brought by a group of Nebraska football players who want the fall season reinstated.

The Big Ten announced August 11 it would move its football season from fall to spring because of health risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

Last month, Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren wrote an open letter that listed several reasons for postponing fall sports, saying that "transmission rates continue to rise at an alarming rate" and "there is simply too much we do not know about the virus, recovery from infection, and longer-term effects.”