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Ohio Valley's Big Temperature Swings Will Likely Continue

Feb 11, 2019
Originally published on February 11, 2019 5:30 pm

National Weather Service meteorologists say the wild weather swings we've experienced this winter will continue into the spring.

"Actually February, March and November are really known for these wild swings in temperatures or big storms," says Science Operations Operator Seth Binau. "Anytime you have a big shift in temperatures or a lot of extremes in temperatures you're going to generate some large storms because they thrive on temperature gradients."

Binau has seen this in the past and says it really isn't that unusual for the Ohio Valley.

A brief snapshot of temperature highs in Greater Cincinnati shows it was 50 degrees Jan. 28 and then two days later, the high was 14. On Feb. 1, it was 31 and by the 7 was up to 66 degrees.

The National Weather Service says on Friday a tornado touched down in Clark County, Ohio. At least two barns were damaged.

As we get into March, Binau says, "We do start to bring warmer air north but we still get the big arctic intrusion. So February is really a battleground month."

For the next seven to ten days, "We're expected to be in a very active, in a very wet pattern with variability in the temperature and cold air is poised to the north and west," he says.

Don't rule out heavy rain and storms, some flooding and a winter storm or two in February, he adds.

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