Backers Of Green Energy Plan Say It's 2016 Ballot Or Bust

Nov 6, 2015

With Issues 1, 2 and 3 in the rearview mirror, groups are already working on the next crop of statewide ballot issues. That includes a green energy initiative that’s had problems getting to the next step.

It’s 2016 or bust for the Clean Energy Initiative which is trying for the fifth time to get enough signatures to qualify for the statewide ballot. The issue would dole out more than one billion dollars in state sold bonds to develop green energy projects and research.

The money would go to a commission that would then award grants. That’s where the issue has raised eyebrows in the past because the commission is based in the state of Delaware.

John Clarke is coordinating the effort. He says many groups are headquartered in Delaware, likely for the tax benefits, and says the commission’s location is solely for administrative use.

“I can assure that everything that is the Ohio Energy Initiative Commission is based here in Ohio—other than that particular aspect,” said Clarke.

There are other provisions in the amendment that would make sure state lawmakers couldn’t tamper with the ballot issue.