Akron's Planning Director Expects 50,000 New Residents to Come Largely from Nearby

Dec 5, 2017

Akron's planning director says is being strategic in planning how to add 50,000 residents by 2050.

The city has revitalization programs under way, like the downtown residential Bowery project near Lock 3 and the inner belt decommissioning.  During an appearance at The Akron Press Club Monday, Jason Segedy also pointed to action this year by City Council to offer a 15-year tax abatement on new residential construction.  

He said the 50,000 new residents will come primarily from the region.

“Four million people live within an hour’s drive of downtown Akron. So I think, 50,000 people over three decades in a region that has four million people, I think a lot of those people we can attract from fairly nearby.” 

Segedy said the city’s plans for the future are sweeping but face challenges, including the GOP tax bill that  wipes out historic and new market tax credits that are critical in financing revitalization efforts in downtowns throughout Ohio. 

For the full length recording of Jason Segedy's address to the Akron Press Club Luncheon click below:

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