Akron Income Tax Increase Passes, Cleveland Mayor Reelected

Nov 8, 2017

  In Akron, city officials were successful in their drive to convince voters to approve a quarter percent increase in the city's income tax.  The increase will be dedicated to public safety and roadway improvements.  Unofficial estimates show the levy got 70 percent of the vote.

In Summit County, a levy renewal to support Summit Development Disabilities easily passed.  It got almost 80 percent of the vote.

In Cleveland, Mayor Frank Jackson won a record fourth term Tuesday, defeating a challenge from Councilman Zack Reed.  Jackson bested Reed by nearly 20 points to secure another four-year term.


There were a number of local issues and races across Northeast Ohio on Tuesday.  In Portage County, voters in Kent rejected a ballot issue to designate it as a sanctuary city.  

All voters in Ohio had a chance this year to vote on two ballot questions.  In what was the most expensive ballot campaign waged in Ohio history, voters rejected Issue 2, a question on whether to require the state to pay the same discounted prices for prescription drugs that the Veterans Administration does.  An estimated $70 million was spent on that issue.  Voters overwhelmingly approved Issue 1, a constitutional amendment which gives crime victims legal standing.

WKSU will have much more on the local and statewide results Wednesday on Morning Edition.

This story has been updated to include results of the statewide ballot questions.

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