Akron Cultural Organizations Discuss Diversity, Inclusion at On The Table

Oct 4, 2019

Leaders of Akron cultural organizations discussed how to engage diverse people during an On The Table discussion Thursday.

It was one of about two dozen roundtable conversations focused on how to help the community.

Cathy Faye is the assistant director of the Center for the History of Psychology. She says their collections have a lot to offer to strengthen the community.

“I’m interested in doing programs that do that well. That bring together people from all different walks of life, people from different backgrounds to focus on the things that are similar and that are different.”

Representatives from the Center, the University of Akron, and the Summit County Historical Society participated in the conversation.

Historical Society president Leianne Neff Heppner is excited by the ideas presented and how diversity was defined.

“So, it wasn’t just about race. It was about abilities. It was about gender issues. And, so I like that piece because I think that piece is much broader than what people consider.”

Leaders finished the conversation by drafting a plan to put into action the ideas discussed.

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