After Money Goes Missing From Chabot Campaign, Ohio Changes Rules For Treasurers

Sep 12, 2019

Ohio’s Secretary of State is changing rules for the way political candidates designate their campaign treasurers on forms filed with his office, following an incident with the campaign of Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio).

Maggie Sheehan, spokeswoman for Secretary of State Frank LaRose, says that previous 30D forms that campaigns submitted to his office did have spots for both the candidate and the treasurer to sign. But Sheehan says the long-standing practice was to process the forms without the treasurer’s signature. 

LaRose has now made it a requirement that both the candidate and the treasurer sign.

The issue came to light when Chabot discovered $123,625 was missing from his campaign account. The treasurer listed on the form said he didn’t realize he was supposed to be the campaign’s treasurer.

The investigation into Chabot’s missing money is ongoing.