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Abuse Of Power And Obstructing Congress: The Impeachment Inquiry Moves Forward

Dec 11, 2019

After hours of testimony in public and private, countless hot takes, and a viral tote bag and bow tie, House Democrats issued a formal call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

In a nine-page resolution, Democratic lawmakers said that President Trump obstructed Congress during their Ukraine investigation and abused the power of his office.

The New York Times’ Nick Fandos has more:

In announcing a pair of charges that was narrowly focused on the Ukraine matter, Democrats made a careful political calculation designed to project unity and protect moderate lawmakers who face steep re-election challenges in conservative-leaning districts. They left out an article that had been the subject of internal debate among Democrats in recent weeks that would have charged Mr. Trump with obstruction of justice based on his attempts to thwart Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russian election interference in 2016.

We answer your questions about the latest in the impeachment inquiry and talk about the next steps in the process.

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Josh Blackman, Associate professor, South Texas College of Law; adjunct scholar, the Cato Institute; author of “Unraveled: Obamacare, Religious Liberty and Executive Power.”; @JoshMBlackman

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