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Rachel Duthie is a senior multimedia journalism major at Kent State University with experience in print, visual and digital journalism. Formerly she has worked at publications such as The Columbus Dispatch and the Newark Advocate. During the school year, Rachel works for Kent State Student Media in The Kent Stater, KentWired and The Burr Magazine. She is currently the features editor for The Kent Stater for the fall semester.

Cleveland Metroparks

A record number of snowy owls are stopping in Northeast Ohio, all due to a biological phenomenon.

A new study finds significant disparities between the rich and poor in Cuyahoga County.

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Northeastern Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan is joining a bipartisan effort to address the problem of food deserts.

Ohio congressman Tim Ryan is joining a bipartisan effort to address the problem of food deserts.

The Healthy Food Access for All Americans Act would set up a system of tax credits and grants for businesses providing healthy food options to low-income urban and rural areas.

Ryan says food deserts have a big impact on health, and that has a big impact on the economy.

A new study released by Cuyahoga County officials finds that as many as 450-thousand people do not live in areas where they can easily buy healthy food.

Coined “food deserts,” people in these areas do not live close to supermarkets, making them rely on places like gas stations and convenience stores to get their food.

Cleveland Councilman Terrell Pruitt says food deserts are not only bad for health, but they hurt the community, too.

Cleveland has a pretty good chance of becoming the site of Amazon’s second headquarters.

A study by the consulting firm Anderson Economic Group ranked 35 metro areas that best fit Amazon’s specifications for a new location. Cleveland came in 11th on that list.

Case Western Reserve law students and faculty are requesting a federal investigation into the shooting death of an Emirati student by a Hudson police officer.

More than 50 people have signed a letter to U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman stating Officer Ryan Doran wrongly escalated the situation between him and Saif Alameria.

Case Western law student Elizabeth Connors says she hopes the action will change the narrative surrounding the case:

Today’s fathers have grown up with an advantage their dads didn’t have when it comes to diseases like prostate cancer: a father figure more likely to talk to them about health.