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What is it about outbreak stories that capture the popular imagination?

John Ulrich and Cathy Disher.

John Ulrich’s daughter Robyn was diagnosed with leukemia at age 19. She was treated at the Ohio State University James Comprehensive Cancer Center, where the family met Cathy Disher, a critical care chaplain for the hospital.

Ann B. Walker and Julialynne Walker
storycorps / WOSU

Ann B. Walker worked as a radio host, journalist, editor and columnist in Columbus for decades. She is a woman of many firsts: the first woman in broadcast management at WLWC-TV in Columbus, the very first female broadcaster to report on the Ohio legislature, and the first black woman from Franklin County given a White House appointment.

Ann spoke to her daughter Julialynne about the interview she believes led to her position as Media Director for the Community Services Agency under President Jimmy Carter.

Elizabeth and John Cross.

John Cross didn’t think he was military material after a childhood battle with polio left him with a weakened upper body. But a dire need for soldiers led him to enlist in the National Guard. 

Dawn McCombs and John-Paul Byrne.

John-Paul Byrne took a risk by putting a personal ad in the Village Voice, a weekly New York City newspaper, far from his home in Sydney, Australia. Dawn McCombs responded and a long-distance romance ensued.

Danielle Turkovich and Emily Krichbaum

Growing up, Emily Krichbaum’s younger sister Michelle was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome - a rare genetic disorder that causes severe developmental disabilities and neurological problems. Throughout her life, Emily found connecting with her sister - who is nonverbal - very challenging.

Luster Singleton and Ginger Boyd
storycorps / WOSU

Luster Singleton is 57 and identifies as non-binary. Growing up in the Midwest, Singleton struggled to meet a role model to look up to.

Singleton recently found that mentor in Ginger Boyd, when they met at a gathering of transgender people of color in Columbus. Boyd is 70 years old, transgender and an Ohio native.

Katie Henry and her father, Steve Henry.

Steve Henry was finishing out the 9th grade when his family decided to move from sunny California back to Ohio. Despite the move, he wasn’t going to let over 2,000 miles keep him from his friends out west.

For StoryCorps COLUMBUS, Steve sat down with his daughter Katie to talk about his adventures on the road and what made him stay in Columbus.

David Tynan with his father, Mike Tynan
storycorps / WOSU

After years serving as a priest in the Catholic Church, Mike Tynan decided he wanted instead to get married and start a family of his own. But Catholic priests aren't allowed to do either, so he chose to leave the church instead.

photo of Ahmed Abukar and Sahra Abdullahi

Sahra Abdullahi and Ahmed Abukar were born in Somalia and moved to the United States when they were young. Both had a hard time fitting in and navigating American culture.

But while Abukar came with his parents, Abdullahi moved with her aunt, leaving behind her parents and six of her seven siblings. She faced many hardships in her new home and eventually in foster care.

Morgan Dominique and Kadi McDonald at the StoryCorps booth in Columbus.

Kadi McDonald and Morgan Dominique’s friendship developed from a common loss: Both grappled with the deaths of their fathers, learning how to grieve while also remembering their lives. 

They sat down in the StoryCorps booth in Columbus to reflect on how their fathers’ eccentricities and imperfections leave them with the most lasting memories and joy - especially one memory of a surprising Disney character Dominique discovered on her father’s foot.

Jhuma Natha Achayra
storycorps / WOSU

Jhuma Nath Achayra had never heard the word “refugee” until he and his family were forced from their homeland in Bhutan. They found themselves part of the Bhutanese refugee crisis, during which over 100,000 people were expelled from the country in the early '90s. 

As part of StoryCorps COLUMBUS, Achayra recalled his journey from Bhutan to the United States—what it meant to lose one home, and gain a second chance to find another.

Ashton Sullivan dropped out of Ohio State in her sophomore year to enroll in a coding bootcamp. Now she works for Drive Capital as a software developer.
Rivet / WOSU

In the middle of her sophomore year, 20-year-old Ashton Sullivan knew she was done with college for good.

“I pulled the plug,” Sullivan says. “I dropped out of school.”

Brian and Lachandra Baker at the StoryCorps COLUMBUS mobile booth.

Even though Brian and Lachandra Baker married, as they say, "later in life," their marriage so far has been replete with its share of joys and challenges.

As part of StoryCorps COLUMBUS, the couple visited the StoryCorps booth and reminisced on 10 years of marriage: the ups, the downs, and what they’ve learned from each other along the way.

Mac Connor and a senior mechanic inspect one of the buses at COTA.
Rivet / WOSU

Some students like academic work and thrive in high school. For others, it’s a real drag.

One of those people is Mac Connor. When the 18-year-old talks about it, he does so in a short, matter-of-fact way.