Kent Teeters

Afternoon Host, Music Manager

Kent Teeters is the Afternoon Host and Music Manager for Classical 101. His work in radio has taken him to stations in Illinois, Louisiana, Indiana, Ohio, California — and once again, back to Ohio.

Kent began his public radio involvement as a pledge drive volunteer during his previous career as a music teacher. Discovering that public radio was "a suit of clothes that fit perfectly," he quickly moved from volunteerism to a full-time position as a classical music host. Then, with less than four years of professional radio experience, Kent was named the 1997 recipient of Public Radio's National FLO Award as Best Announcer.

In addition to traveling together and discovering new, under-the-radar restaurants with his wife, Kent enjoys reading, occasionally playing the French horn (with mixed results), cooking (also with mixed results), collecting model trains, listening to a wide variety of music and being entertained by the comic antics of their dog, Bella Bea Boop.

Kent is a native of Indiana, and earned two degrees in Music Education from Ball State University.

Grammy Award
Courtesy of the Recording Academy/Getty Images 2019

It’s that time of year: The Grammy Nominations! This year’s list of nominees features a number of artists you’ve likely heard on Classical 101.  And if you’re also thinking ahead to the gift giving time of year, you might get some ideas here for the classical music lover on your list.

Here are a few highlights from the classical categories:

bbq, barbecue, skewers, grill

Planning on a summer backyard barbecue? Why not grill those burgers and brats to the sounds of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms?

Marion S. Trikosko / Library of Congress /

It's simply too difficult to create a list of recordings made by conductor Leonard Bernstein that could be called "The Best of Lenny" or "The Definitive Bernstein List."