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Karen Kasler

A state senator says he wants to roll back Ohio's new rules on home septic systems. He says the rules are costing low income homeowners tens of thousands of dollars.

But supporters of those rules say they are necessary to prevent a public health crisis. Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.

The number of foreclosure filings in Ohio ballooned by nearly 24 percent last year.

The problem has brought together a group of two dozen lawmakers, business leaders and others to figure out what can be done to help homeowners who losing their homes and to stop it from happening to others.

A judge in Columbus is refusing to block Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (from trying to remove the top elections official in Cuyahoga County.

An attorney for county elections board chairman Bob Bennett argued this morning that Brunner is relying on a state law so vague it's unconstitutional. But Franklin County Common Pleas Court Judge John Connor disagreed and said Brunner could move forward with a hearing to oust Bennett.

Bennett also heads the Ohio Republican Party, and his spokesman has charged that Democrat Brunner is engaging in political harassment.

Biros execution canceled

Mar 20, 2007

The U.S. Supreme Court has called off today's scheduled execution of convicted killer Kenneth Biros.

Prisons officials had prepared him for the execution scheduled at ten this morning. Six hours after that, the high court declined to hear the state's appeal of an order from a Cincinnati-based federal appeals court to delay the execution.

The wait was tough on relatives of the victim who traveled to the prison in Lucasville in southern Ohio.

A new report says contribution limits for legislative candidates and political party and legislative caucus funds in Ohio are too high.

The report from the New York-based watchdog Brennan Institute for Justice says Ohio is the only Midwest state that permits individuals to give the same maximum, $10,000, to legislative candidates as well as statewide candidates.

For the third time in five years, a plan to legalize marijuana for medicinal use is expected to be brought forward at the Statehouse. And once again, it's expected to bring out emotional supporters and passionate opponents.

Republican lawmakers have put out their list of their top priorities for the next two years. The issue at the top of that list - school funding - is also leading the governor's agenda. But some are saying politics may slow it down.

Ohioans will likely be hearing more about the importance of math and science in school. Educators and lawmakers will debate ways to get young people interested in the subjects, how to recruit additional qualified teachers and how to pay for it all. Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.

There are more concerns about the upcoming state budget. Governor Strickland says he's found holes in the fund that is used to pay for local road projects.

Farm groups comment on new bill

Feb 2, 2007

The leaders of Ohio's two major farming groups have very different opinions on a key element of the 2007 Farm Bill, subsidies for farmers making what many people would consider big money.

Nearly half of those responding to a new poll say they like the way Governor Strickland is doing his job. And while the approval rating for a proposed constitutional amendment on school funding is high, Ohioans say they want to know where the money will come from.

There are 21 months till the 2008 presidential election, but a new poll has singled out a clear frontrunner in Ohio, which will again likely play a critical role in the selection of a new president.

The Ohio EPA is considering doing something that's only been done in one other state's cracking down on the amount of air pollutants in hair spray, deodorant, furniture polish and other consumer products.

Elderly Scam Victim Speaks Out

Jan 26, 2007

Crimes against the elderly are some of the most common scams, but also the most underreported. One Columbus woman is breaking her silence about the swindler who left her broke and heartbroken, in the hopes of helping other victims.

Development officials in northwest Ohio say plans for a new ethanol plant in Defiance County are on hold.

Jerry Hayes is executive director of Economic Development of Defiance County. He says the company proposing the plant is worried that rising corn prices and stabilizing gas costs could cut into profits.

He also says the high price of steel would add to the cost of building the ethanol plant.

Defiance County officials say they'll continue trying to attract an ethanol plant to the area.