Erin Gottsacker

Erin Gottsacker

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Ohio's official unemployment rate increased slightly last month, though another survey of employers shows the state added just over 5,000 jobs. 


Soon, former inmates leaving the Franklin County jail will have the option to be injected with Vivitrol, an anti-addiction drug meant to prevent opioid relapses.

Erin Gottsacker

In mid-July, weeks before official tryouts for the marching band, nearly 300 students clutched shiny instruments on a field outside Ohio Stadium.


The Ohio State Board of Trustees voted unanimously Friday morning to revoke a former student's Ph.D., after an article she co-authored was retracted from an academic journal last year.

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Public policy in Ohio has failed to reduce cancer deaths, according to a report by the American Cancer Society released today. Of the nine goals set by the group, Ohio has met only three.

A film set for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" in Cleveland.
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Columbus filmmakers are frustrated with the uneven distribution of tax credits this fiscal year. With 75 percent of the credits going to just two projects in Cleveland, leaders in the Central Ohio film industry are asking the state to consider changing the rules. 

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On a baseball diamond at Jefferson Elementary School, a handful of kids try out for a local traveling baseball team. One stands out from the rest. A head taller than the others, she pitches left-handed and sends baseballs flying with a smack of the bat.

London Studer is competitive and determined. She's also the only girl on the field.

Erin Gottsacker

Though America's coal industry continues to shrink, it's left its mark on the earth: Abandoned strip mines, flattened by explosions and the desperate search for fuel.

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Boxes of tampons line the wall of a small warehouse in west Columbus. T-shirts read, “People helping people, period.” And buttons with cartoons of ovaries have slogans like “ova achiever” and “caution: I ovary-react.”

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This story is part of the Curious Cbus project. You ask the questions, you vote for one of the questions and we answer. Linda Blaine asked, "Whose idea was Topiary Park and who created it?"

Erin Gottsacker

As the sun sets on a Friday evening, two teams of teenage soccer players run the lengths of a field in Thompson Park. It’s their last game of the season.