Eric French

Eric French is the staff audio engineer for WOSU and has worked as a musician/producer in music studios for 15 years. Horror hound, motorcycle enthusiast, and baseball fanatic, Eric brings a passion for all things Americana to WOSU’s newest podcast series.

Barber Chris Turner
Courtesy of Chris Turner

This week Pop Columbus waxes up its mustache, slicks back its hair, and heads down to Turner's Barber Shop and Shaving Parlor for a talk with Chris Turner about classic style and a day in the life of a barber.

Episode 5: Beer

Dec 22, 2015
North High Brewery

Pop Columbus gets a bit tipsy this week as co-hosts Eric French and Sean Edgar look at the popularity of craft brews in Central Ohio.

Bianca Coal
Emanuel Wallace

In this episode of Pop Columbus co-hosts Sean Edgar and Eric French look at the rising popularity of burlesque in Columbus, Ohio with performers Bianca Coal and Betty LeRoux.

Records on a table and a rack at Spoonful Records shop in downtown Columbus.
Eric French / WOSU

This week on Pop Columbus co-hosts Eric French and Sean Edgar go record shopping. 

Studio 35 Bad Movie Night Poster
Studio 35

This episode of Pop Columbus dives into the world of B movies, which are now some of the most profitable movies being made. 

Krampus logo
Legendary Pictures

Columbus native Michael Dougherty has written major Hollywood blockbusters such as Superman Returns and X-Men: Apocalypse, but his real passion lies in scaring an audience.  Dougherty wrote and directed the cult classic Trick ‘R Treat and the forthcoming Krampus, in theaters December 4.

In this episode of Pop Columbus, host Eric French gets tattoo’d while he and co-host Sean Edgar talk about the evolution of tattoos in American culture.