Elizabeth Brown

A treatment for colon cancer has undergone criticism lately for its prohibitive costs. The drug is up for FDA approval to treat two new cancers, which means more access to state-of-the-art medicine, and also more financial problems for cancer patients.

52 million state dollars went to Ohio students attending in-state private colleges last year. The Ohio Board of Regents distributed the college aid in nine-hundred-dollar chunks by way of the Ohio Student Choice Grant. The Board requires that every grant recipient be an Ohio resident attending one of the state's 63 private colleges but does not require review of a family's income.

Low-income parents and children face a challenge during June, July and August. The meals that the United States Department of Agriculture provides to public school are harder to come by in the summer. Organizations like Children's Hunger Alliance have worked so that this year more of Ohio's children are getting the same nutrition they need.

Every summer, the Shawnee chief called Blue Jacket comes back to life by way of a Xenia, Ohio, outdoor theater production. For centuries his story has been a dramatic one: a Dutchman captured by the Shawnee when he was in his teens rises to be chief of the tribe. He leads them to more victories against troops of settlers than Geronimo, Sitting Bull, and Crazy Horse combined. Executive Director of the Blue Jacket production, Lorrie Sparrow, is familiar with the story of his origin, and with his triumphs in Ohio's Great Lakes Region.