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Elizabeth Akinkuolie

Veterans are seated patiently awaiting the commencement of the Annual Veterans Day Ceremony held down town at City Hall's South Portman Plaza. Ann Willerbie of Concord Township, Ohio is seated next to her husband, a Vietnam War Veteran. She shares her thoughts on what this day means to both her and her husband.

The 2008 Columbus Marathon is scheduled to take place this weekend. According to Nationwide Better Health Columbus Marathon preparations are underway.

The 2008 Columbus Marathon is two days away with a Health and Fitness Expo held today at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The Marathon is scheduled to start Sunday. Runners and walkers will be on a course that includes Bexley, German Village, Upper Arlington, and will conclude at Nationwide Arena.

Executive Director Scott Weaver says spectators can expect a huge turnout.

Ohio poll shows that Sen. John McCain has a slight lead against Sen. Barack Obama in the race for the white house. The poll also shows that some voters have not quite made up their minds.

With just 8 weeks until the Presidential election, the University of Cincinnati Ohio Poll shows that 23 percent of voters are still undecided. Eric Rademacher is co-director of The Ohio Poll.

American Muslims assemble at what is termed the largest gathering of Muslims in North America. The three day convention is being held at The Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. The convention is a forum for Muslim Americans to discuss topics such as education, religion, and politics.

Sean Ali, a first time visitor from New Orleans, says that he is in support of the Democratic Presidential nominee, Barack Obama. He says Obama will be a step in the right direction.

Flu shots will arrive earlier than expected. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention began shipment two weeks ago.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention began shipment of flu shots earlier than expected. Five manufacturers will supply a record number of 143 million doses to the U.S. Last winter, many were sick due to a mismatch of strains found in vaccine.

Spokesman, Kristopher Weiss, of the Ohio Department of Health, says that new strains in vaccine are not surprising.

Human trafficking is a term that many of us associate with foreign affairs. Today human trafficking is not only an issue abroad, but one that is becoming more prevalent within the U.S. W-O-S-U's Elizabeth Akinkuolie has the story:

It's taken twenty years of healing, and counseling to be able to talk in public about it.

Social worker, Theresa Flores survived a two year nightmare as a teen when she was a victim of sex trafficking. Even though the crime occurred twenty years ago, she says young women are still very much at risk.

Franklin County Commissioners spend most of their $314,000,000 General Fund budget on justice and public safety. But, they also provide $28,000 for free lesson on piano, guitar and other stringed instruments for children in low-income families.

Its late afternoon at Hughes Hall on the Ohio State University campus. Music teacher, Youmee Kim sits at a piano at the head of the classroom. Half-dozen studio pianos are lined up on well-worn tiled floors. On the walls, green chalk boards are ready for sharps and flats. Kim is ready for the first lesson of the summer.