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David C. Barnett

Some Ohio medical professionals recently put their training to the test in the middle of one of the world's hottest war zones: Syria. Fares Raslan came to the United States from Syria in 23 years ago to pursue his studies in anesthesiology. Life’s been good to him over here. He and his wife Lila raised a family and have a nice house in suburban Cleveland. It’s a sharp contrast to life back in Syria --- a country in the grip of a civil war, as rebels try to topple the government of president Bashar al-Assad.

Members of an Amish church group are due to go on trial Monday in a Cleveland federal courtroom. Prosecutors claim the defendants committed hate crimes against other Amish by cutting off their beards and hair. The trials are putting a reclusive religious group into the national spotlight. Sixteen are charged in the attacks which have been described as punishment for critics of Amish bishop Samuel Mullet of Jefferson county in east central Ohio.

Looking For Work After 50

Apr 24, 2012

After spending decades building a career, many Ohioans start making plans to kick back and enjoy their retirement. But, a growing number of people in their 50s have found themselves back at square one, trying to start the job search all over again. And sometimes a lifetime of experience doesn't get you far in a changing job market.

The Cleveland Catholic Diocese has decided not to challenge a Vatican decree to reopen 12 parishes that had been shuttered in an austerity move. In 2009, Bishop Richard Lennon stunned much of the region’s Catholic community when he announced a parish reconfiguration plan that would close 50 churches. He argued that population shifts, a dwindling pool of priests, and various economic concerns had forced his hand.

John Demjanjuk died over the weekend at the age of 91. He was the central figure in one of the longest running legal cases against an alleged Nazi war criminal. Prosecutors in the U.S., Israel and Germany spent over three decades trying to prove that he helped herd thousands of victims to their deaths as a prison camp guard in Poland. But family and friends claim that Demjanjuk himself was the victim of mistaken identity. Recapping the Case It’s 1986 and the cameras are focused on the man in the back of an Israeli prisoner transport vehicle.

The Vatican has reversed the decision of Cleveland's Catholic Bishop to close 13 Northeast Ohio churches. Three years ago, Bishop Richard Lennon closed or "reconfigured" dozens of parishes in Greater Cleveland, citing economic necessity and a shortage of priests. Thirteen of those churches appealed the closings to the Vatican, under the guidance of Boston lawyer Peter Borre, a nationally known expert on challenging church closings. Borre says, last week, the high court in Rome ruled in favor of the Cleveland parishioners. "This is a shut-out for Lennon.

The popular uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa --- collectively known as the "Arab Spring" --- have yielded dramatic results recently, with the death of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi last week and democratic elections in Tunisia, over the weekend. These developments are giving hope to Ohioans of Syrian descent that the iron-fisted rule of their country could also end. Four men have gathered around a dinner table in suburban Cleveland for some home cooking. Their plates are brimming with shish kabob, spinach and cheese pies, and specially-spiced eggplant.

The National Democratic Party has begun a month-long march towards its August convention with a series of meetings in Northeast Ohio. From Ohio Public Radio member station WCPN, David C. Barnett has some highlights from the party platform drafting sessions.

Barack Obama plans to spotlight energy and the economy in campaign stops this week in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

The outsourcing of U.S. jobs to other countries, has many Americans concerned. But this past week in Northeast Ohio, one of the loudest voices for keeping America strong in a time of offshore competition came from a man with a foreign accent.

The political leanings of Michigan voters will be revealed later today as ballots are counted for the state's Presidential primary. But, the Michigan vote may also present a preview of Ohio's picks for the Presidency.