Dan Faulkner is commander of the Ohio Department of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
Clare Roth / WOSU

Ohio Veterans Tell Their Stories For Oral History Project

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Ohio Department is holding their mid-winter conference in Columbus this weekend. As hundreds of vets milled about during Friday’s events on the North Side, so did a handful of people from a different profession: court stenographers.

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In this Oct. 10, 2018, file photo, a voter casts their ballot on the first day of early voting at the Hamilton County Board of Elections in Cincinnati.
John Minchillo / Associated Press

Hey Ohioans: What Issues Do You Care About In The 2020 Election?

Now that the 2020 election is right around the corner, candidates for president and Congress are crisscrossing the state of Ohio, flooding the airwaves and raising money. This year, I’ll be devoting a big chunk of time to following how the 2020 elections play out in Central Ohio. But I need your help.

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The parent company of Big Bear grocery stores has announced it will close 5 stores in the Columbus area. The stores will cease operations by the end of the year. The move is part of Penn Traffic's plan to emerge from bankruptcy.

The high cost of health care has some Ohio State University graduate students in an uproar. About 50 graduate student employees gathered on the oval in front of the library Wednesday afternoon to rally in support of full health care coverage. Currently the university pays 42% of graduate teaching assistants' health care coverage. They want the university to fund 100% of the cost.

Columbus police use new tools to fight drug crimes

Oct 2, 2003

Columbus Police Thursday parked a mobile station at the corner of 8th Ave. and North Fourth St. to combat illegal drug activity. The Weinland Park neighborhood is one of four so-called "Hot Spots" for crime where police are using a combination of high-tech tools and personal relations to boost safety.

American Electric Power says it is surprised a federal agency filed a lawsuit against the company alledging the utility manipulated natural gas prices to make millions of dollars.

In a statement AEP says it is cooperating with the Commodity Futures Trading Comission and hopes to reach a settlement.

Last year, AEP fired five employees who the company says submitted innacurate gas trading information to trade publications. AEP says it has no indication that any current employees were involved in the activities.

Value City to move headquarters to Northland Mall

Oct 1, 2003

With the help of a proposed city tax break, Value City Department Stores is moving its headquarters into the closed Northland Mall. The store will renovate the former Lazarus department store at the mall and move nearly 700 employees into the building. Value city's chief financial officer says some about 100 jobs will be new to central Ohio.

If Columbus City Council approves, Value City will receive a 75% tax abatement for 10 years on the value of the renovation.

New immigrants from across the globe continue to change the face of Central Ohio. But with little to no knowledge of the language, the culture and bureacracy, adjusting to a new life becomes a struggle for many.

Organziations and agencies that serve the new arrivals say finding and receiving adequate healthcare for themselves and their families is among the most challenging change immigrants face.

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Researchers from Ohio State University and Louisiana State University are collaborating to design what could become the most ambitious ecological restoration effort ever: returning wetlands to the Midwest. This, they say, would help to solve ecological problems in both southern and northern states.

Every year, from late spring through early fall, a "dead zone" blooms in the Gulf of Mexico. The dead zone is a region of water in the gulf with extremely low oxygen levels, roughly the size of the state of Massachusetts.

Corn and Soybean Harvest Begins

Sep 22, 2003

Ohio's corn and soybean harvests are off to a slow starts. But, two farm analysts say yields will be better in Ohio than in the rest of the Midwest grain belt due to rains during July and August. Jim Ramey is head of the federal office of the Ohio Agricultural Statistics Service. He says soybean farmers will get high prices for beans during early harvest. Doug Tenney is a grain marketer for Leist Mercantile in Circleville. He says crops planted late are still not ripe and could be damaged by an early frost. Tenney also says corn and bean yields are good but not record.

Interstate 670 Opens Friday

Sep 19, 2003

Transportation officials today officially opened the completed I-670 project to the public. The 30 year old highway, nicknamed "spaghetti junction", finished a month ahead of schedule.Thurber Village resident Charles Lindaberry has a clear view of Interstate 670 from his balcony...Lindaberry says special glass in the Westminster Thurber building kept much of the construction noise out.

A new study has found that climate change resulting from greenhouse gas emissions could lead to significant changes in the biodiversity of national parks. These changes would make it difficult for national parks in both the eastern and western United States to meet conservation mandates.

Less than a century from now, visitors to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, one of the largest protected areas in the eastern United States, may find that the scenery has changed a bit.



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