Stonewall Columbus

Columbus Wins Perfect Score For LGBTQ Equality

Columbus once again scored a perfect 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s annual rating of cities on LGBTQ inclusion.

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School Board Candidates Face Deadline

Aug 21, 2003

Voters in school districts across Ohio will know Thursday afternoon the candidates in November's contests for local school boards. As the fall contests approach, the role of local boards is changing in the wake of state and federal actions. Rob Delane, director of school board development at the Ohio School Boards Association, says more decisions on curriculum and funding are being taken away from locally elected board members. Ohio measures performance on 22 state standards and requires a series of proficiency tests.

Recent studies indicate the use of club drugs such as ecstasy and G-H-B continue to rise. Doctors at Ohio State University Medical Center are trying to reverse the trend through education. Doctors say educating people about the drugs' long-term effects on the brain is key to discouraging drug use. A recent survey of thousands of Ohio teenagers indicated nearly 10 percent of high school seniors used ecstasy in 2002. OSU physician of internal medicine and pediatrics Dr.

A federal commission heard testimony Tuesday about expanding Columbus' V.A. clinic. Supporters of a new clinic say Columbus currently lacks space and resources but veterans advocates say Columbus needs more than a new clinic to meet the needs of a growing veteran population. The Chalmers P. Wylie outpatient clinic is a 118-thousand square foot building that opened in 1995 at its current site on James Road in East Columbus. According to the Veteran's Administration and veterans, the clinic is woefully inadequate.

Columbus police say an audio tape of the police pursuit that ended in the death of a young man early this month proves the shooting was justified. Officers say the shooting death of Dante Miller was justified because Miller pulled a gun on officers. Officials say they hope the release of the tape bolsters the case that two officers followed procedure when Miller was killed on August 6th. The tape dialogue includes the voice of an officer as he runs after Miller; the officer shouts he sees a gun in Miller's hand. Police say they retrieved fingerprints and D-N-A evidence from the gun.

The Columbus Public Schools have emerged from academic emergency - the state's lowest classification for school district performance. Columbus Schools Superintendent Gene Harris says the district now meets 7 of the state's 22 academic requirements. The Columbus Public Schools are now on academic "watch." Harris says educators will continue to work to improve the district's performance ratings.

A local environmental group says one in five people in central Ohio lives in an area with dangerous levels of diesel fumes. The group calls on government and private companies to install pollution-control equipment. The Ohio Environmental Council says a quarter of a million people live in what they call diesel hot spots. Most of the hot spots are near major roadways. The council's Staci Putney says several health studies have indicated people who live in heavily polluted areas are at greater risk for cancer and lung disease.



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