Bartender Billy Search is behind the bar at The Little Bar while wearing a mask.
Adora Namigadde / WOSU

Ohio State Tries To Restrict Game Day Parties As Bars Await Fans

Ohio State will kickoff its football season after a nearly two month delay on Saturday and while the university is asking fans to avoid gathering together to watch the game, local bars are hoping to see an influx of business.

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Ohio Voting Guide

Ohio Voting Guide: What To Know About The 2020 Election

Early voting has started around the state, and absentee ballots are now arriving through the mail. Read WOSU's guide to voting in Ohio.

A social distancing sign rests on the floor as people participate during early voting at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2020, in Cleveland.
Tony Dejak / Associated Press

Coronavirus In Ohio: Live Coverage

WOSU is providing updates about the coronavirus and COVID-19 in Ohio. Find the most recent news and information below.

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Rick Hodges (left) and Jim Obergefell (right) shared their story with StoryCorps in Columbus in July 2019.

The two men whose names are on the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage are united in one cause, urging the Senate to defeat the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the nation’s highest court.

A bowl of stickers for those taking advantage of early voting, Sunday, March 15, 2020, in Steubenville, Ohio.
Gene Puskar / Associated Press

WOSU's Letters from Home collects stories about our day-to-day lives during the era of COVID-19. This week, Ohioans share their voting experiences, from visiting the polls in person to casting their ballots absentee.

The pandemic has changed a lot about how we vote this year, including when we may find out who won.

It's possible — because some rules have changed, and some haven't — that Nov. 3 could come and go without a clear answer as to who the next president will be.

USPS worker unloading ballots to be sent out Tuesday.
Nick Evans / WOSU

Some Democratic state lawmakers want to know why Republican Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose is shortening the amount of time counties can have to finish the official count for November’s election.

A stop sign on a school bus.
lincolnblues / Flickr

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says the most effective way to bring down the current spike of COVID-19 in Ohio is for everyone to start taking social distancing more seriously. DeWine laid out what the stakes are if the virus continues to spread.

A volunteer is injected with either an experimental COVID-19 vaccine or a comparison shot as part of the first human trials in the U.K. to test a potential vaccine.
University of Oxford via AP

The state of Ohio has submitted its plan to the CDC for when a COVID-19 vaccine is available. The plan addresses preparing for receiving the vaccine and a coordinated strategy to distribute it. DeWine says there are priorities for who they believe should get the vaccine first.

American Plastic CEO Don Roberts shows a plastic divider created at his company.
Debbie Holmes / WOSU

The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic forced many companies to think more about how to protect the health of their customers and workers. American Plastic on the Columbus' Northwest side has benefited from a huge demand in plastic products that are created on- site.

The Cleveland Indians are facing a tough offseason after another early exit from the playoffs and steep financial losses because of the pandemic. But a closer look at one of the teams in the World Series underway this week may offer fans some hope. WKSU’s sports commentator Terry Pluto says it's going to be a painful offseason, but there is some hope the team can rise above.

Huge losses

Joyce Chen had big plans for this year. She was working on multiple research projects with an eye on the prize: a promotion to full professor at Ohio State University.

That's when the coronavirus pandemic hit. It put the brakes on four years of hard work as an associate professor. And now she wonders if her promotion will happen as she had hoped for next year.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) speaking before the camapaign office's opening.
Nick Evans

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is predicting a strong showing on foreign policy from President Donald Trump in Thursday's final debate.  



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