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The Blue Jackets stumble in the first game of the playoffs, OSU spring football is over and could LeBron return to Cleveland?

Blue Jackets Battle for the Stanley Cup

Apr 16, 2014

10:00 Last week the Columbus Blue Jackets won a game in overtime, securing a spot in the NHL playoffs. This is only the second time in the team's history they've made it this far, but the real contest begins Wednesday as they battle it out with the Pittsburgh Penguins. This hour we'll take a look at the Jackets' chances and at the history of the Stanley Cup. Guests

No More Guessing, The Blue Jackets Are In The Playoffs

Apr 10, 2014
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The Blue Jackets are in the playoffs, Archie Griffin weighs in on the state of college athletics and the Ohio State Football team is ready for the 2014 Spring Game.

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The Blue Jackets cling to a playoff spot, college athletics is at a crossroads and the Final Four is set.

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The Reds and Indians are set to start a new season with hopes of returning to the post season, wrestler Logan Stieber makes Ohio State history with his third national title and we see how well our brackets fared after the first weekend of March Madness.

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A Columbus-area high school is closing, but we won t soon forget the athletic achievements of the school. The Blue Jackets are in a tight battle for the playoffs. March Madness is underway. This week's episode of After The Score is packed with sporting news.

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The Blue Jackets face one of the scariest moments in recent sports history, the Buckeye football team is gearing up for next season and the Ohio State basketball team is ready for a couple of March tournaments.