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Two groups have declared their opposition to issue two – the proposed amendment aimed at keeping monopolies out of the state constitution. The ACLU and Common Cause Ohio say the measure limits citizen action.

A group studying Ohio's oil-and-gas severance tax will miss a state budget-imposed deadline for releasing its report even after the state Senate president initially called it a "hard deadline" and told reporters it was likely coming this week.

Ohio Senate spokesman John Fortney said Thursday that work continues on the report and the group is making progress. He didn't know when a report would come, but cited a desire to "get this right."

Nationwide Arena
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As property tax abatements near expiration, the publicly-owned Nationwide Arena faces a big bill.  The arena’s owner, the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority, worries the tax bill will have a huge affect on its operation. The arena wants a permanent property tax exemption.  

A western Ohio Republican state legislator says he's running for the U.S. House seat being vacated by Speaker John Boehner.

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Sep 28, 2015
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Political cartoons have been a fundamental way of depicting American politics for as long as there has been political dispute. A look into art and politics and how editorial cartoonists bring humor and a point of view to their creations.

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In the aftermath of the contested 2000 election, Franklin County, and other communities around the country, received a voting machine upgrade.  

In a stunning move, House Speaker John Boehner has told Republicans that he will step down at the end of October, giving up his leadership post and his seat in Congress in the face of hardline conservative opposition.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is heading back to Iowa this weekend as he tries to gain traction for his 2016 presidential campaign in the early primary state.

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Ride-sharing giant Uber will considerably expand its Ohio workforce by adding 10,000 more drivers in the state next year, including 3,000 in Columbus alone.

The departure of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker from the presidential race could have positive ramifications for Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman today moved forward on a plan to implement body cameras for police.

The two candidates for Columbus mayor today unveiled plans they say will strengthen ethics rules at city hall.

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CNN today announced Ohio Governor Kasich will be included in next week's Republican presidential debate.

Kasich is one of eleven top contenders named to appear in CNN's debate to be held at the Reagan Library in California next Wednesday.

The only woman in the Republican pack, Carly Fiorina, has also been included in the top tier debate.

CNN says candidates Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki and Lindsey Graham will have their own debate earlier in the day.


A bipartisan group including one of the nation's leading anti-tax crusaders and the American Civil Liberties Union has launched a new effort to reduce Ohio's inmate population.

The U.S. Justice Action Network is promoting efforts to find alternatives to incarceration for nonviolent crimes, keep people from returning to prison and help inmates find jobs once they're out.

The group held a Thursday news conference followed by testimony before a committee rewriting Ohio's criminal laws.

With Kasich On Campaign Trail, Who's Governing Ohio?

Sep 10, 2015
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Running for president is a marathon of rallies, town halls, and speeches, and it means a lot of time away from home. For Governor Kasich, that means a lot of time away from the governor’s office, and that has some wondering who’s leading the state during his campaign. 


City Council president and mayoral candidate Andrew Ginther wants Columbus police officers to begin wearing body cameras by the end of next year. But some police leaders say the cameras are not a top priority.


Ohio's elections chief says he has reissued subpoenas in an investigation into the ballot petitions of group supporting a marijuana legalization effort.


Columbus democratic mayoral candidate Andrew Ginther says he wants to roll out police body cameras in 2016.

Cincinnati Fires Police Chief; Cites Leadership Concerns

Sep 9, 2015

Cincinnati's police chief has been fired in the wake of continuing criticism over his policing strategies and leadership.

A.G. Signs Off On Term Limit Petition Effort

Sep 9, 2015

A group that wants to reinforce term limits is one step closer to the ballot.

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Ohio’s economy may be improving, but in many ways the state is still struggling nearly six years after the end of the great recession. But the experts have radically different ideas on how to help the economy get stronger.

A city employee who helped a Chinese woman, who bought Mayor Coleman's former home, faces a disciplinary hearing. 

Secretary of State Jon Husted laid out his views on the three statewide issues on this fall's ballot at the Columbus Metropolitan Club, Wednesday, and he also talked about how he sees them playing out.

Editorial Cartoons

Sep 3, 2015
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Political cartoons have been a fundamental way of depicting American politics for as long as there has been political dispute. A look into art and politics and how editorial cartoonists bring humor and a point of view to their creations.

Ohio's Elections Chief Expresses Interest In Being Governor

Sep 2, 2015

Ohio's elections chief has expressed interest in being governor.

Environmental Activist Groups Launch Big Ad Buy Against Incumbent Ohio Senator

Sep 2, 2015
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Two weeks after the announcement of a big ad campaign by a conservative organization against a leading Democrat in next year’s US Senate race, environmental activists have launched ads against the incumbent Republican.

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Beginning Monday morning, the Ohio Department of Transportation will turn on about 30 on-ramp traffic signals around the Columbus metropolitan area to help with traffic flow.

Conservative Conference Addresses Criminal Justice, Pot Legalization

Aug 26, 2015

Conservative leaders from state legislatures all around the country are in Ohio this week to discuss their top issues and how they're handling them. One issue that keeps coming up is criminal justice reform.