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A bird species called the "passenger pigeon" that became extinct more than 100 years ago, is helping researchers learn how to save other animals. Biologist David Blockstein is a leader in Project Passenger Pigeon which aims to better understand how the bird's demise can advance science and conservation.


An Ohio college plans a town hall discussion to examine community relations in Cincinnati 15 years after race riots.

Leaders of top-ranking charter schools in Ohio say more money is needed to pay for quality teachers and more spacious facilities if the sector is to thrive.

The head of the state school board is recommending smaller roles for that panel and the state superintendent, citing faults with the existing governance structure and concerns about too many groups trying to craft Ohio education policy.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Jan 11, 2016
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Columbus Mayor, Andrew Ginther, has proposed new ethics regulations. Meanwhile, the Ohio Ethics Commission is currently investigating City Hall, including former council president, Mayor Ginther. Also in the news, Kasich's campaign in New Hampshire and Ohio's slipping educational rankings. 

Bill Seeks To Overhaul How Ohio Schools Deal With Truant Students

Jan 7, 2016
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Thousands of Ohio students are truant every year, and many are expelled because they don’t come to school. A trio of Republican lawmakers have a proposal to deal with the problem.

Fired Ohio State Band Director's Lawyers Seek To Withdraw

Jan 6, 2016
WOSU Staff

Ohio State University's fired marching band director can no longer afford the high-powered legal team that has been helping him fight for reinstatement.

Debbie Holmes

A marketing project for a Gahanna Lincoln High School student will come to life during a country music concert tonight in downtown Columbus at the Bluestone. Some of the proceeds will benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

A liberal policy group is calling for a grand jury probe about a former Ohio education official who resigned this summer after acknowledging he omitted failing grades from certain charter-school sponsor evaluations.

Year In Review: Charter Accusations Among Top Education Stories Of 2015

Dec 28, 2015
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Over the last few days of 2015, we’re looking back at some of the year’s top stories in state government. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports on the biggest education stories of 2015.

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An independent panel that's been examining Ohio's troubled evaluation system for charter school sponsors is ready to give its recommendations.

Advocates Blame Hunger For Achievement Gap Between Wealthy And Poor Students

Dec 8, 2015
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A new study shows a large achievement gap between wealthy school districts and districts with more economically-disadvantaged students. One group says hunger has a big role to play in this problem.

State Lawmakers Question Pay-To-Play Fees

Dec 8, 2015
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For years, school districts around Ohio have been charging fees on kids in sports, music and theater programs and other activities. But some state officials are now raising questions about whether “pay to play” fees are playing fair. 

Ohio State students at the Mirror Lake jump on Tuesday evening prior to a tragic event which led to the death of a man.
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The Ohio State student government body voted last week to support the ban on the annual Mirror Lake jump by students before the Michigan game.  It came after the death of 22 year old Austin Singletary of Dayton who broke his neck during this year's jump.

Communities have reaped the benefits of Ohio’s booming energy industry. But as Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports -- some local officials believe their schools are missing out on potential funds.

An analysis of recent student test results in Ohio shows the continuing role of poverty in the scores.

Ohio State University seal on The Oval
Ohio State University

Protests at the University of Missouri have fueled conversations about race relations on college campuses. They also reveal an often overlooked fact:  there are very few African Americans on most campuses. We talked with some Ohio State University students about what it’s like being black on campus.

All Sides Weekend: The Harmony Project

Nov 13, 2015
Harmony Project

The Harmony Project is a non-profit organization created to connect communities across social divides through art, education, and volunteerism. It provides opportunities for individuals of different cultures, religions, ages, affiliations, and orientations to work together to build a stronger community. Join Classical 101 host Christopher Purdy for a discussion about the project and how it creates new communities across social and cultural divides.

Ohio's public schools superintendent says he plans to retire at the end of the year.

In a written statement Friday morning, Superintendent Richard Ross announced his plans to step down Dec. 31. The 65-year-old Ross has served as state superintendent since March 2013. He was previously an education adviser to Gov. John Kasich.

Advocates For Gifted Students Worry About Change To State Standards

Nov 3, 2015
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Advocates for the quarter of a million public school students identified as gifted in Ohio are upset about new draft standards on how districts should teach those kids.

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A coalition of researchers reports students at online charter schools are drastically lagging behind students at traditional public schools. 

School Board Worried About Bogus Data On Charter Grant Application

Oct 21, 2015
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The federal government is giving Ohio $71 million to boost its charter schools. But state school board members fear Ohio got that money using bogus information on its application.

Several state school board members planned to renew calls for an independent investigation of the Ohio Department of Education's charter oversight office in the wake of its director's resignation.

Charter School Reform Legislation

Oct 14, 2015
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House Bill 2 passed in the Ohio General Assembly and promises wide-ranging reforms for charter schools statewide. Reforms include increased transparency among board members, eliminating conflicts of interest within the system, empowering board independence, and increasing accountability. The bill had wide ranging support, but is it enough to fix the state's troubling charter school record.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Oct 12, 2015
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There is a slight majority in Ohio that supports legalizing marijuana for personal use, but the question still remains of whether or not those people will vote for Issue 3. 

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A comprehensive reform to the way charter schools are policed is on its way to the governor's desk for his final approval.  Ohio lawmakers passed what was heralded by supporters as a sweeping charter reform legislation.