Columbus Superintendent Dan Good Retires

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Superintendent Dan Good is set to retire from Columbus City Schools at the end of the 2017 calendar year. He joins us in studio to discuss his tenure with the district, the successes and obstacles Columbus schools faced under his leadership, and the future of public education in Central Ohio.

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Automation is overtaking once reliable jobs in a number of industries, and these trends are changing the ways parents and educators prepare children to develop career interests and enter the workforce. Email tracking allows providers to collect a variety of information on your web activity.

Then, Russell Holly gives his picks for some of the best holiday tech gifts for teens in 2017.

Authors: Adrian Ma and Ashton Marra

Nearly three months after Hurricane Maria, hundreds of Puerto Rican families continue to pour into Northeast Ohio, looking to escape the wreckage they left behind.


Two national education advocacy groups say Ohio could be doing better when it comes to its annual school report cards. Both groups say they’re too complicated.

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For years, efforts to fight Ohio’s infant mortality rate have focused on health care, both for babies and expecting mothers.

A new report says addressing economic issues might be just as effective.

FirstEnergy utility workes repair a electric line damaged by a tree limb.
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FirstEnergy is offering to pay tuition and fees for some students to attend Stark State College, if they’re interested in working with electricity – outdoors.

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Around 60 Central Ohio students will come to Columbus State Community College for "capture the flag" on Friday. But it's not like the schoolyard game many kids are used to - rather, it's a cyber security challenge that organizers hope will energize students to join the growing field.

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The final bell rings, and ten students at Franklinton Prep Academy down their ham-and-cheese sandwiches. When they're done eating, they pick up their Chromebooks and choose a desk.  

Marte’a Cunningham, a junior at Franklinton Prep, says it's been a while since she remembers exploring technology at school.

Graduate students around the country walked out of their classes, office hours, and research labs to protest the House Republican tax plan Wednesday.

"This plan is going to be disastrous for higher ed," said Jack Nicoludis, a Harvard graduate student in chemistry, who helped organize a protest on the campus. He said the bill would more than double his taxes.