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Ohio charter schools would no longer have to buy back equipment their sponsors purchase with taxpayer dollars under terms of a compromise nearing a possible committee vote.

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An Ohio audit special investigation found Columbus City Schools was charged close to $1 million for tutoring services children never received. The audit’s findings were released Monday after U.S. Attorneys unsealed an indictment.

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Oct 5, 2015
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Ballot issue 3 will decide Marijuana legalization in Ohio and it has attracted most of the attention this elections season. However, the proposal to ban monopolies in the state constitution could matter more in the long run. Also, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced that Ohio will be receiving a $71 million grant to support charter schools.  

Lawmakers Opt For More Time On Charter School Bill

Oct 1, 2015
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A charter school reform measure won’t be going to the governor’s desk just yet. Instead the Ohio House has opted to spend more time making changes to the bill.

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A new survey finds that a quarter of undergraduate women at more than two dozen universities say they experienced unwanted sexual contact at some point during their college career.

The survey by the Association of American Universities comes at a time of heightened public awareness and increased scrutiny of what schools are doing to combat sexual assault on campus. More than 150,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional students at the organization's member schools participated.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Sep 21, 2015
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The Fraternal Order of Police in Ohio publicly announced its opposition to the marijuana legalization issue. The Supreme Court ordered the ballot to be rewritten because the wording was misleading and confusing. The state school board tabled a proposal to have an outside investigator review the illegal evaluations of charter schools by the Ohio Department of Education that exclude F grades on online schools. 

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Columbus State Community College has canceled all classes for Thursday because of a power outage.

Power is out at the main downtown campus, but classes are also canceled at the Delaware campus and five Central Ohio learning centers.

Supreme Court Ruling Riles Charter School Critics

Sep 17, 2015

The Ohio Supreme Court decision that nearly a hundred million dollars in equipment bought by charter school operators with tax money belongs to those operators, and not to the schools, has raised more anger against the industry.

State Board of Education Democrats Walk Out Of Meeting

Sep 15, 2015
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The man in charge of oversight of charter schools in Ohio resigned in July after the state Board of Education discovered he had been protecting some charters from receiving failing grades. But some board members are still not satisfied he acted alone and staged a walkout at their meeting Monday in Columbus.

Ohio Dems Push For Charter Investigation

Sep 14, 2015
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The Ohio Democratic Party is calling for an independent investigation into the Ohio Department of Education over the changing of data for online and dropout recovery charter schools.

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The state auditor today called the charter school sponsor system broken.

State auditor David Yost says a special audit of charter school sponsorships highlights the need for greater oversight by the Ohio General Assembly.

Yost said current legislation pending in the General Assembly is a step in the right direction to fix what he says is a broken system.

The Ohio Department of Education is being pressed to release public records detailing actions of an ousted charter schools director.

Charter School Evaluation and Oversight

Sep 1, 2015
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Ohio continues to be the target of sharp criticism of charter school failure after an official at the Department of Education altered test scores from poor-performing online school evaluations. These revelations unfold as backers and school leaders urge state lawmakers to come up with a better system.

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More than 50,000 students will head back to class Wednesday at the Columbus City schools.  District officials say they were able to place qualified teachers in open positions.

Dems On State Ed. Board Want Investigation Into Resignation

Aug 25, 2015
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Democrats on the Ohio Board of Education want an independent investigation into the resignation of the state’s charter schools chief. But the board president has a different view.

New School Year and the National Teacher Shortage

Aug 25, 2015
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For many students, a new school year starts tomorrow.  We talk with the Columbus City Schools superintendent about the districts budget, testing, charter schools and more. Plus, school districts across the country are reporting difficulty filling all their teacher positions. 

Panel Will Advise Ohio Education Dept. On Charter Schools

Aug 20, 2015
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Ohio's public school superintendent has named a three-member panel to advise the department on evaluating charter school sponsors.

Ohio Higher Ed Leaders Meet On College Affordability

Aug 14, 2015

College affordability has been in the news recently. President Barack Obama recently unveiled a plan that relies on community colleges, while the two top Democratic presidential candidates are talking up different plans they’ve developed. But leaders in Ohio are showing that they’re past the proposal phase and already putting their plans to action.

Surviving the First Year of College

Aug 14, 2015


As summer approaches, many high school seniors are anticipating the relative freedom of a college experience, but few of them actually know what to expect.

Coming up: from independent studies to dining hall food to the naked roommate,  we'll learn how to help students make a smooth transition from high school to college.  And how universities have adapted to the needs of a new generation

You might see more cars in mall parking lots this weekend. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles explains one reason why.

Ohio State Marching Band Song Made Fun Of Holocaust Victims

Jul 31, 2015
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An unofficial marching band song that made fun of Holocaust victims is the type of thing Ohio State University has pledged to eradicate from the band program, the university said Thursday.

Fewer Librarians In Ohio Schools

Jul 27, 2015
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The number of school librarians in Ohio has dropped by nearly half in the past 10 years despite studies showing students do better when those jobs are filled.