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The U.S. Supreme Court takes up important immigration questions Wednesday, even as President-elect Donald Trump talks of pushing for more deportations. The legal issue before the court tests whether people who are detained for more than six months have a right to a bond hearing.

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CINCINNATI (AP) - Another new judge has been assigned to the second trial of a white former University of Cincinnati police officer in the slaying of a black motorist. The first trial judge and two successors disqualified themselves.

Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Leslie Ghiz was named Tuesday to preside over the retrial of Ray Tensing on murder and voluntary manslaughter charges in the July 2015 shooting of Sam DuBose.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday hears a case that questions intellectual disabilities and the death penalty — specifically, what standards states may use in determining whether a defendant convicted of murder is mentally deficient.

Ohio Supreme Court
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The Ohio Ballot Board says a proposed constitutional amendment to impose term limits on Ohio Supreme Court justices and remove special legal protections provided to state lawmakers and their staffs would be two separate ballot issues.

As voters go to the polls on Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court will be revisiting the 2008 collapse of the housing market, and the resulting drop in property values and property tax revenue. At issue are two cases testing whether Miami can sue Wells Fargo and Bank of America under the Fair Housing Act for alleged racial discrimination in mortgage terms and foreclosures.

Specifically, the city of Miami alleges that the banks discriminated against black and Latino homeowners in terms and fees.

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Civil rights activists are criticizing the racial makeup of the jury seated for the murder trial of a white University of Cincinnati police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Democrats are accusing Republicans and Donald Trump's presidential campaign of conspiring to intimidate voters in at least four key states.

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Advocates for the homeless and the Ohio Democratic Party are asking the Supreme Court to block election rules that could disqualify thousands of absentee and provisional ballots in the battleground state because of minor mistakes or omissions.

This election, appeals court judge Pat DeWine is vying for a position on the Ohio Supreme Court.

But because DeWine's father is Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, leaders from the Ohio Democratic Party say if he's elected, it would be a conflict of interest. 

The Return of the Supreme Court

Oct 26, 2016
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The Supreme Court has reconvened both divided and with a seat left to fill. Today we will discuss what a Clinton or Trump presidency could mean for the high court as well as the cases currently facing a decision.


Federal authorities say they are pushing hard in Ohio's battle against heroin.

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A central Ohio woman has admitted under a plea deal that she stole jewelry, watches and other items from residents of senior living facilities over several years to support her drug habit.

The Ohio Supreme Court has set a 2020 execution date for a gang member who fatally shot a 3-month-old boy.

The Ohio Supreme Court is resolving a conflict over laws meant to outlaw drugs sometimes known as bath salts or synthetic marijuana.

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The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that a proposal aimed at controlling prescription drug prices lacks enough valid signatures to meet the state's requirements, and backers must collect more for it to move ahead.

A federal judge has blocked an Ohio law that diverts public money from Planned Parenthood.

U.S. District Judge Michael Barrett in Cincinnati sided with Planned Parenthood Friday in granting a permanent injunction. The law was initially set to take effect in May, though court orders have suspended it.

Columbus Dispatch
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The Columbus Dispatch is suing a coroner for autopsy records in the slayings of eight people from a southern Ohio family.

A divided Ohio Supreme Court has declared unconstitutional a law that made it illegal for police officers to have sex with minors.

Ohio Supreme Court
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The Ohio Supreme Court is hearing arguments today in an appeal involving a death row inmate who sought DNA testing on a cigarette butt found near the scene of the 1990 double murder that led to his sentence.

A jury has recommended that an Ohio man receive the death penalty for killing three women and wrapping their bodies in garbage bags in an impoverished Cleveland suburb.

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In March, President Obama nominated Chief Judge Merrick Garland to fill the U.S Supreme Court seat left by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Still, top Senate Republicans refuse to hold hearings until after the November election. Meanwhile, the absence of a Justice has been affecting the Court's decisions and the cases it takes on.  

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Ohio's high court says a New York man who was hit by a foul ball at a baseball game and blinded in one eye can seek damages from the Cleveland Indians.

The Ohio Supreme Court is hearing the appeal of a Cleveland man who killed 11 women and hid the remains in and around his home.

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The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled an anti-gambling group fighting Gov. John Kasich's decision to legalize slots-like video lottery terminals at seven horse tracks lacks standing to sue while another plaintiff can continue his challenge.

The Ohio Supreme Court says a health care provider can't limit the release of medical records based solely on where the provider stores the information.

Obama's Nomination for the Supreme Court

Mar 17, 2016
US Supreme Court
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President Obama has nominated Merrick Garland to be the 113th Supreme Court Justice. Garland has served as Chief Justice in the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia since 1997 and is considered to be a moderate. However, Garland's reputation of collaboration between parties and even Republican support and praise may not remove the road blocks set out by the Republican party in his path to confirmation. 

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 A federal appeals court is calling unconstitutional an Ohio law barring people from knowingly or recklessly making false statements about candidates.

The Life and Influence of Justice Antonin Scalia

Feb 18, 2016
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Justice Antonin Scalia was known as one of the Supreme Court's most influential judges. As a conservative, noted for his originalist  interpretations of the Constitution, his death has brought out bitter partisan debates on who should replace him. Questions linger over whether or not Congress will approve a judge nominated by President Obama and how Justice Scalia's passing will influence the 2016 presidential election.