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Forklifts weave through a massive warehouse in Groveport, while metal scaffolding towers over the hundreds of workers busy below. This is what it looks like after you click "buy" online. 

Land Grant Brewing Company used to allow dogs on patios until they received a letter from the Columbus Health Department, telling them to stop.
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Two bills that would permit dogs on restaurant patios statewide are being introduced in the House and Senate. The bill is as much about business as it is about dogs.

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As of now, someone who wants to start their own business in Ohio can do it completely online. That process has gone from an average waiting period of four days to four hours.

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Huge construction cranes dangle over some downtown streets, as workers build more apartments and condominiums. It’s estimated that 8,300 people now call downtown home, and that number is expected to climb to 10,000 by 2019.

Debbie Holmes

The retail landscape is changing more quickly than ever, but all of the experts at this week’s “Retail Summit 2017” in Columbus are optimistic. Attendees say it's still a healthy industry - with room for both online and brick-and-mortar business.

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Plans for a massive, high-end development project in the Arena District have been unveiled, with a 23-acre project slated to rise behind Huntington Park. 

Although virtually nothing is predictable in politics these days, here is one certainty: Americans — at least the ones watching the news — are about to hear a lot about corporate taxes.

Ohio shoppers had a chance to save money over the weekend with a sales tax holiday on school supplies. But the perennial August event is drawing some criticism both from economists and some parents.

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The German Village restaurant that gave rise to a chain with more than 50 locations in the eastern half of the United States closes its door for good on Monday.

Imagine going to the grocery store for dinner, not to pick up a rotisserie chicken to take home, but to actually eat at the store. As online grocery shopping grows, many supermarkets are adding sit-down restaurants in a move to attract more millennials. And it seems to be working.

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Spending on the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last year amounted to $68 million, according to a study by Cleveland State University. Or $110 million, according to the company Tourism Economics.

If you ever have to travel a long distance — say, Washington, D.C., to Atlanta, Detroit to Chicago, San Francisco to Los Angeles — you might be stuck with only bad options: a flight from an airport with chronic delays that's hard to get to, or an Amtrak train ride that costs three times as much as a flight.

Well, now there's a new option on the horizon: a double-decker bus with pods for sleeping. It's called, simply, Cabin. It's an overnight service — like a red-eye — designed for people who love going places, but hate being in transit.

President Trump's senior policy adviser Stephen Miller had a tense exchange with reporters at Wednesday's press briefing as he defended the administration's new proposal to dramatically curtail legal immigration. The plan prioritizes highly skilled workers over family members for green cards.

Wells Fargo is back in the spotlight for another scandal. This time, for signing up 490,000 auto-loan customers for insurance they didn't need.

This comes less than a year after the bank generated a massive public outcry for opening millions of unwanted accounts for customers.

Esther Honig

Amazon launched a nationwide push on Wednesday to hire 50,000 warehouse workers, with 1,400 of those positions available for workers in Central Ohio. 

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Ohioans in the market for school supplies will be able to shop tax-free this weekend, thanks to the state’s annual back to school sales-tax holiday.

A Foxconn factory in the Czech Republic.
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Columbus City Council is scheduled to vote Monday on a proposal to allow tax incentives for larger businesses promising new jobs. 

The U.S. and Ohio Steel Industry

Jul 25, 2017
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Donald Trump promised to bring manufacturing jobs back into America. He plans to deliver on this promise by enacting tariffs on foreign steel imports. Economists and industry experts are questioning how this will impact American businesses if the tariffs backfire. 

Today we are talking about the tariffs on imported steel and its effects on the U.S. and Ohio steel industries.

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Earlier this year, the city of Columbus commissioned a study on the use of tax incentives in four different neighborhoods: the Short North, Linden, Near Eastside, and the Hilltop. Researchers found that in the Short North, generous tax abatements were not necessary to spur certain types of residential development.

The White House is showcasing products from each state as part of its "Made in America" week.

The list includes some iconic U.S. brands — for example, Gibson Guitars from Tennessee and Steinway pianos from New York. Vermont Maple syrup and California wine are on the list. American flag manufacturers are highlighted from two states (Utah and Virginia).

Some of the choices are less obvious, like wheel barrows from Pennsylvania and door hinges from Missouri.

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A new report by the Brookings Institution shows signs of a slowdown in the auto industry that will likely resound throughout the manufacturing economy. And Northeast Ohio is identified as among the areas that will be hurt.

Shares for New Albany-based Abercrombie & Fitch Co. tumbled Monday after news that the struggling retailer decided against selling its business.

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The American arm of Scotland-based craft beer maker BrewDog has a new director. Columbus entrepreneur Tanisha Robinson comes to the just-opened Canal Winchester offices of BrewDog after cutting her teeth in the apparel and tech sectors.

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Boxes of tampons line the wall of a small warehouse in west Columbus. T-shirts read, “People helping people, period.” And buttons with cartoons of ovaries have slogans like “ova achiever” and “caution: I ovary-react.”

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The window to apply to become growers under Ohio’s medical marijuana program has closed, with the state receiving 185 applications – all with nonrefundable fees attached.

Videoboard at 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
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Nearly a year after the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, a report on its economic impact in Northeast Ohio has yet to be released. The researchers hired to complete the report submitted a draft but its release date is not known.