Honeysuckles, Autumn Olive Join Banned Sale List In Ohio

Jan 8, 2018

Ohio has banned the sale of more than three dozen invasive plant species under new rules that took effect Sunday.

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Six bison had to be fatally shot after escaping from a Grove City farm on Sunday.

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Rebecca Jaramillo insists that every bird has its own, distinct personality. She would know—she spends almost every day around them, while they’re at their most vulnerable.

By a largely party-line vote Tuesday, the Senate approved a bill that repeals Obama-era hunting restrictions on national wildlife refuges in Alaska. The House already voted last month to abolish those restrictions — which were instituted by the Fish and Wildlife Service in 2016 to protect predator species from hunters — and so the bill now heads to the desk of President Trump, who is widely expected to sign it.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources crews were busy at Mosquito Creek Lake last  week, using an alternate means of disposing of this season’s Christmas Trees. It’s part of a program to keep old trees out of landfills and recycle them as natural habitat for fish and other life in the lakes. 

Matt Wolf of ODNR’s Division of Wildlife  is coordinating the effort in northeast Ohio.

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The Ohio Supreme Court says state law required wildlife officials to seek restitution from a man convicted of illegally shooting a deer.

Observing birds in our neighborhoods and in the wild, with naturalist and "Kaufman Field Guide to the Birds of North America" author Kenn Kaufman.