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All Ohio state lawmakers must receive sexual harassment training following a wave of the sexual misconduct scandals that swept the nation and forced resignations in both chambers of Ohio's state Legislature.

Cliff Rosenberger
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The surprise win by a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama has caused interesting and even unexpected reactions all around the country.

Ann Sanner

Though Ohio’s legislative leaders say that they’re taking harassment seriously, following a string of resignations at the Statehouse over sexual misconduct and other behavior, outside groups are calling for further investigation.

The top leader in the Ohio House is speaking out about the resignation of former Representative Wes Goodman who allegedly sexually assaulted a teenager.  The speaker says he never heard about the accusation.

Former Ohio Rep. Wes Goodman
Ohio House of Representatives

More information, including allegations of harassment, is coming out against the now former Ohio Rep. Wes Goodman. The top staff leader for House Republicans says they’ve been fielding rumors about Goodman for more than a year but, until this month, there was nothing to act on.

In the past month two lawmakers and one high-ranking staffer have resigned under the guise of “inappropriate conduct.” But that phrase can be attributed to a wide-range of infractions. The Senate president says their goal is to be as transparent as possible.

Ohio Senate

Two Republican state lawmakers and a Democratic Senate staffer have resigned in the last month – all over what’s been termed “inappropriate behavior.”

Though the allegations have ranged in severity, the trend highlights a male-dominated culture at the Statehouse that many legislators and staffers say attracts or encourages harassment and abuse, and which makes women uncomfortable or afraid. 

Former Ohio Rep. Wes Goodman
Ohio House of Representatives

Another Ohio lawmaker has resigned over inappropriate behavior. House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger said in a statement on Wednesday that he asked for and received the resignation of Republican State Rep. Wes Goodman from Cardington.

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Violence during recent rallies at the University of California-Berkeley and the University of Virginia helped reignite a nationwide debate over free speech on college campuses, and when school leaders should intervene.

Two conservative Ohio lawmakers are pushing a new bill that they say would ensure all points of view are represented at Ohio’s public universities.