Wellness Wednesday

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Learn more about a unique workout and who inspired it. Also coming up, tips on getting better sleep in 2018 and how to make moving apart of your daily routine.


Public investment in HIV/AIDS research drove decades of progress that transformed the lives of individuals living with the chronic disease, how will proposed budget cuts effect the road to a cure? A new study indicates that children who spend more time playing outside are at lower risk of developing sight problems later in life.

Then, author Ann Kaiser Stearns joins us to discuss how more and more Americans are adapting to their role as caretakers of aging family members.

Wellness Wednesday: Ambulance Bills, Big Vape, and Caregiving

Nov 29, 2017
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Twenty one states protect consumers against surprise medical costs, but a recently published study shows that even the most common hospital services such as the use of ground ambulances can run up the bill for basic services.

Then, we explore the booming e-cigarette industry, government regulation of vaping, and its consequences for your health. Later, a discussion of caregiving for elderly parents and emerging norms from our aging population.

The Blue Diamond Gallery

Today at 11am

In the wake of our nationwide opioid epidemic, scientists explain how addiction manifests in adults and complicates the lives of infants born from drug abusing parents. Then, a look at emerging technologies that will make diabetes screening easier, safer, and eliminate the need to draw blood.

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On this week's Wellness Wednesday, we focus on Americans' medication habits. A Do-It-Yourself approach to retail drugs challenges the dominance of Big Pharma, but draws questions and concerns on its safety and validity. Trauma-sensitive yoga opens new doors for mental health treatment. Then, why experts recommend a regular review of your medication regimen with your physician and pharmacist.

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Football season is here which also means tailgating. However double dipping and the five second rule at the pregame meal could spell danger in the form of food borne illnesses.

This week on Wellness Wednesday, our dirty food habits, what’s safe, what’s not and why it matters. Also, how much should you sweat in a workout.


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We explore the unique origin story of the breakfast food staple, cereal and Kellogg Corn Flakes. We also take a look at the different effects of exercise and antibiotics on the body.

Alejandro Escamilla / Wikimedia Commons

From the late Stone Age to current times, only about 10 percent of the human population has been left-handed. Being left-handed is so uncommon that it was often viewed as a disability. Rituals, taboos, and negative connotations associated with left-handed people have been found in all languages covering the entire globe.

Wednesday on All Sides, we'll examine the impact of left-handedness on culture and human behavior. 

Wellness Wednesday: DNA App Store, NFL

Aug 2, 2017
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The ability to have information about  your genetic makeup right at your fingertips is here and affordable. A Silicon Valley company known as Helix is launching an app to make it possible for people to download and explore their genetics. Experts say this new app could change how we perceive people as healthy .

 Today we are talking about the DNA app store, NFL concussion research and technology and mental health.

Wellness Wednesday: Information Therapy, Asthma

Jul 12, 2017
doctor consults with patient
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A visit to the doctor's office can be stressful, especially when you are attempting to remember all the information the doctor told you about your condition. If you do not receive what is called information therapy after each visit, you could be missing out on vital information such as different approaches for treating your medical condition. 

Listen in today to learn about information therapy, asthma and diet tips to improve health.