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I know, I know. Another seemingly sensationalistic claim tossed out into cyberspace like so much line at the fishing hole. Sure, winning the lottery can change your life — but a piece of music?

Of course. Even the most hardened Hannibal Lecters (remember the Goldberg Variations scene?) know that music does something deep inside us. Allow me to rhapsodize for a moment about some music that, I believe, does the human heart good.

The Metropolitan Opera

The Metropolitan Opera begins a new season of live in HD transmissions from the Met stage in New York to cinemas worldwide with their new production of Wagner's Tristan und Isolde, Saturday October 8th at noon.


Every week is concert week on Classical 101, and we've got the playlists to prove it. Whether you adventure through the sounds of the United States with Jennifer Hambrick's The American Sound, or join Christopher Purdy for music made by musicians you might even see at your local grocery store with Music in Mid-Ohio; there's something on-air for everyone. Check out what's in store for this week!

Peter Mattei as Wolfram, Johan Botha in the title role, Günther Groissböck as Landgraf Hermann and Eva-Maria Westbroek as Elisabeth in Wagner's Tannhäuser.
Marty Sohl / Metropolitan Opera

The Metropolitan Opera presents Richard Wagner's Tannhauser, live in HD from the Met in New York, in movie theaters worldwide on Saturday, October 31 at 1 pm.

City of Columbus settles with young electrocution victim

May 6, 2004

The city of Columbus has reached a $1 million settlement with the family of a nine-year-old boy who was electrocuted when he touched a lamppost on a downtown bridge.

Willie Wagner died last May 22nd as he tried to squeeze between a fence and the lamppost while walking home from COSI.

Family attorney Gerry Leeseberg says Willie's mother, Tina Brown, agreed to settle to avoid the trauma of a lawsuit.

Leeseberg says Brown hopes the city is safer now that city inspectors examined about 17-thousand light poles since the accident.