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eSport gamers play League of Legends during a competion.
Joueurs de League of Legends au Meltdown Paris / Wikipedia Commons

Kent State University could be the latest school to add a varsity program for e-sports, multiplayer videogame competitions.

Galloping Ghost, one of the largest video-game arcades in the world, sits in an unassuming, single story brick building in Brookfield, Ill., a suburb of Chicago, that seems to go on forever, each corner bursting with beeping, blinking and flashing arcade cabinets.

Owner Doc Mack says they have more than 600 games. He says he didn't set out have quite that many.

"I have a huge collecting problem that I've had since childhood so I should have seen it coming, but who knew?" Mack asks rhetorically.


Join us for our weekly look at new developments in the tech world. A data breach at Equifax, a top credit reporting company, exposes the personal data of millions of people.

We look at the growth and trends of Columbus' video game industry and the upcoming GDEX gaming expo. And, Apple is set to premiere new details about the new iPhone 8.


The Ohio State Board of Trustees voted unanimously Friday morning to revoke a former student's Ph.D., after an article she co-authored was retracted from an academic journal last year.

There is a certain kind of look I get when I tell people how much I love video games.

It lies somewhere between "You're not serious" and "Oh my God, you are serious." And by "people" giving me these looks, I mean adults of a certain age and outlook. Of course, given that I'm a 54-year-old tenured professor, these "people" are pretty much everyone I know (including my now adult children).

So today, I want to speak to all of you "look-givers" and attempt to explain why you, too, should become a gamer.

Basically, it comes down to robot dinosaurs.

Lined up at a row of computers, five Ohio State University students stare intently at their screens amid the clatter of keyboards and mouse clicks. They're keeping in shape — so to speak.

Marcus Kwan / Flickr

Cell phones, computers and other digital media devices have infiltrated our everyday lives. Constant connectedness can stress the relationship between family members, especially parents and children. Today we will discuss strategies to navigating family life in the digital age.  Plus, we discover the best wine apps and learn about the creation of big budget video games. 

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With recent hacking issues, some wonder how vulnerable computer systems will be during the U.S. election and what security measures are in place to deal with any potential threats. Also, a new study finds that sexualization of women in video games is decreasing. And, virtual reality is being taken more seriously by the U.S. government, as a panel met on Capitol Hill last week to discuss the potential uses of the technology. 

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When it comes to enjoying video games equally, questions about how characters are portrayed and look are raised. Also, new baby-related tech gadgets are aiming to make parents more in tune with their baby's needs. And, Verizon has bought Yahoo for over four billion dollars, hoping to make it as profitable for them as it once was. 


The first generation of video game players are beginning to retire, but many are still playing. Some believe the games might even help improve certain struggles that come with getting older. Also, a new study has found that lower-income families are five times more likely not to have access to high-speed broadband compared to those with high-incomes. And, Google has just made searching and sharing information via text message easier with its newest tech contribution, the Gboard.