Trump Administration

Looming Trade War with China

Apr 4, 2018
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On Monday, China retaliated against President Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs with a few of their own. The Chinese government put in place a 25 percent tariff on pork products and a 15 percent tariff on agricultural products such as fruit and wine. After the White House announced more tariffs, China responded with proposed tariffs on U.S. imports in 106 categories including soybeans, a multi-billion dollar industry in Ohio.

Consequences of New Trump Tariffs

Mar 8, 2018
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President Trump has proposed sweeping new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum in a bid to lessen foreign influence on the United States. Many economists and presidential advisors warn these tariffs could negatively impact American companies if other countries fight back with sanctions of their own. 

Join us today as we discuss President Trump’s decision and the impact it could have on United States and global markets. 

Ohio's Voter Purge

Jan 10, 2018
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The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments today supporting and opposing Ohio's practice of purging inactive voters from the rolls. Coming up, we'll hear from both sides of the issue and consider the policy's legality and impact on voting in Ohio.

Changes in Federal Marijuana Enforcement

Jan 9, 2018
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Last week, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded Obama-era guidance that has generally allowed states to implement their own marijuana laws without federal interference.

Today, we discuss what this change in policy might mean for states such as California and Colorado with growing marijuana industries and potential impacts for the future of marijuana legality in Ohio.

First Use and Nuclear Command

Nov 30, 2017
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Presidential powers and The Bomb. How federal lawmakers are rethinking presidential "first use" of the bomb and what are the latest prospects for World War III.

Tax Reform

Nov 14, 2017
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A new plan announced last Thursday shows Senate Republicans want to change a key tax provision that allows millions of Americans to deduct the amount they pay in state, local and property taxes from their annual federal income tax returns. Coming up, a look at how that will work and who will be benefited with guest host Mike Thompson.

The Truth About Fake News

Oct 12, 2017

President Trump is pushing for a Senate intelligence panel probe of "fake news networks" in the United States. Today we look at the accuracy of media reporting and journalism. Also get tips on fact checking and spotting fake news articles online. 

The Repeal of Major Obama-Era Carbon Emissions Rule

Oct 11, 2017
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Attempts made by the Obama administration to make states uses less coal and more energy sources that produce fewer carbon emissions will be threatened by President Trump and the new head of the EPA. Obama's Clean Power Plan is set to be repealed by the Trump Administration. We look at what that means for Ohio and the nation.

We look at the history and future of talking toys like Chatty Cathy and Teddy Ruxpin. Twitter looks to make a surprising update and Facebook continues to contend with ads created by Russia.

America’s Changing Religious Identity

Sep 26, 2017
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The American religious landscape has changed rapidly. Hear from the author of "The End of White Christian America" and local religious leaders on how race and politics intersect with religion in America.