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This is expected to be a record year for road construction, with the Ohio Department of Transportation planning to spend $2.4 billion maintaining and building roads and bridges. But the agency’s director is worried about funding for ODOT down the road.

John Glenn International Airport

A power outage caused hundreds of flight delays in Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Sunday, an event that reverberated throughout the nation's airports - including in Columbus.

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Circleville residents are more than familiar with the rumble of railroad tracks, as trains carting cargo pass through their town. Up to 60 trains travel through the tiny city every day.

State and county leaders have been trying to figure out how to patch up budget holes that opened up when the federal government took away the ability to tax Medicaid managed care providers. Lawmakers reached a compromise but falls far short of filling the gap.

Born out of a dream to avoid traffic jams, Workhorse CEO Steve Burns has built an electric helicopter. The Loveland company known for its electric delivery trucks will show off its personal flying machine at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

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Columbus City Council plans to enact a new code on Monday that will allow microtransit vehicles - bigger than cars, but smaller than buses or trains - to operate in the city.

Sheryl Connelly has a crazy job. She's in charge of looking into the future for Ford Motor Co. The automaker is trying to predict how people my age — from Generation Z — will use cars.

"I have two Gen Zers at home," Connelly says. "So my 16-year-old daughter is thrilled, actually. Her car is ready to go. As soon as she has her license, it's in the driveway. And so she sits in her car and she listens to the radio and she loves her car."

That's definitely not me.

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For years, efforts to fight Ohio’s infant mortality rate have focused on health care, both for babies and expecting mothers.

A new report says addressing economic issues might be just as effective.

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Central Ohio may be investing heavily in driverless trucks, buses and cars, but the Columbus bus drivers’ union says autonomous buses shouldn't run without staff onboard.

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One of Central Ohio’s best-known speed traps is drawing sirens from the Ohio Auditor's office.