Tech Tuesday

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Join us today as we discuss last week's merger of giants AT&T and Time Warner. We'll look into who benefits the most from the deal and what it will mean for consumers.

Tech Tuesday: ZTE, Net Neutrality, and the latest from E3

Jun 12, 2018
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Chinese tech company ZTE violated U.S. sanctions against North Korea and Iran by selling devices with American parts to those countries. In response to the violations, the U.S. imposed fines on ZTE. Last week, President Trump negotiated down the fines to a level that wouldn't harm the company. We discuss what the deal means for the tech industry.

Also , the FCC repeal of net neutrality went into effect on Monday. We get the latest from that, as well as the latest from the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3. 

Tech Tuesday: Meme Monitization and the GDPR Law

Jun 5, 2018
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As internet memes have become pop culture phenomenons, many companies sought to make a profit by selling merchandise with the trending images. However, by the time the t-shirts and coffee mugs are produced and shipped, the buzz over a meme diminishes. Join us as we discuss how making money off of memes is becoming more difficult.

We also look into the GDPR law recently passed in Europe and other recent tech news and products.

Tech Tuesday: Net Neutrality and the Hack of Securus

May 22, 2018
The north wing of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C is home to the Senate.
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The U.S. Senate passed a resolution last week aiming to reverse the 2017 decision by the FCC to deregulate internet service providers. However, experts doubt the move will be met with approval from House Republicans or President Trump. We explore the issue in the second hour of our program today.

We will also look into a hacker breach of a company called Securus, which has allowed police in the U.S. to track private cell phones, and catch up on the latest in tech releases. 

An autonomous vehicle being tested in San Francisco.
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Governor John Kasich signed an executive order last week authorizing tech companies use Ohio's public roads for testing driverless vehicles. Kasich hopes the order will help Ohio shift its reputation from being a "rust belt" state to a "knowledge belt" state, while also competing with neighbors such as Pennsylvania. Join us for a conversation on what to expect as self-driving cars make their local debut. 

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Facebook has announced plans to integrate a dating service onto their platform. This comes after the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal and has many experts unsure of whether Facebook has chosen the correct time for this release. 

NASA has also launched a new mission to Mars in an attempt to discover the origins of the planet through heat probes, marsquake readings, and sonogram pictures.

Join us today as we discuss the potential risks of Facebook dating services, what NASA hopes to accomplish with its new launch, and new technology releases.


Following the arrest of the Golden State Killer, a suspect named Joseph James DeAngelo, investigators confessed to using genealogy website GEDmatch to trace DNA left at crime scenes to the suspect. Some involved in the investigation questioned the legality of this move but it was deemed acceptable by a lawyer with the F.B.I.

Join us today as we consider the implications this move has on the future of DNA profiling as well as the policy behind government agencies and their Twitter pages. 


For most people, Amazon's smart speaker, the Echo, has been a great way to handle daily tasks. The Echo's voice assistant, Alexa, is also a handy way for some, such as the blind, to be connected in our technological society. We'll look at how Amazon's Alexa allows the blind to remain connected and informed in a modern way.

We'll also look at how changes in technology in the near future can impact our physical and mental health. 

Tech Tuesday: Facebook Faces Congress

Apr 10, 2018
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While originally thought to have impacted 50 million users, the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data scandal has now been shown to have impacted over 86 million users. Creator Mark Zuckerberg is set to speak in front of Congress this week in the wake of the scandal.

Today we discuss the road ahead for Zuckerberg, the legislative side of artificial intelligence, and the specs of the new iPhone 8.


A memo created by Facebook vice president Andrew Bosworth has added to the social media company's recent troubles. The memo states that Facebook should continue to grow and "connect people," even if users are harmed as a result. This comes days after it was reveled data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica, obtained personal data from millions of Facebook users without their consent.

We'll also look at the stories of women who made significant contributions to computer science, and the Internet as we know it today.