All Sides Weekend: Books

Jan 12, 2018
timetrax23 / Flickr

Join us today with guest host Christopher Purdy as we discuss the best reads of 2017 with a panel of guests.


Adora Namigadde / WOSU

Need a story on the go? Columbus City Schools is installing automated short story kiosks throughout the city to promote reading. 

Ohio Board of Education

At least three big school districts are pleading with state education officials to take a close look at what they think is a major discrepancy. This has to do with the tests given to see if a third grader can advance to the next level in reading.

Even though studies show kids whose fathers take an active part in their lives are less disruptive and better adjusted socially, most programs that aim to up parenting skills are geared towards mothers.

Christopher Purdy

It wasn't the taco bar, yummy as it was that has me waxing ecstatic over the newly renovated downtown branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Andrew Carnegie's 1907 limestone beclad vision has served this city well for nearly 110 ten years.

Now we have what is called a library for the 21st century.

Phooey. I imagined this new library would have everything but books. To me, a library has miles of eight foot shelving crammed with books. To me, a library has dust and must. To me, a library is quiet and dark. If you want light you can screw in a bulb somewhere.